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  1. You can't find it because it is the live intro for the 2014 shows. A Studo version doesn't exist. The intro is a transtion from a part of the catalyst to Guilty all the same. Love that intro too. btw. good episode
  2. Really unrespectful what some writing here. I don't know any band who gives some of their demos to the fans. You even haven't be in the lpu to hear these demos and then there is such a complaning about the missing of vocals. I don't get it.
  3. What is LPUXIV ? I'm really more interested in the Mall soundtrack than LPUXIV. Really dissapointing that it isn't out yet. Of course I will be very pleased when LPUXIV leak, but my hype goes with the mall...
  4. Oh yes. Loved the different intros on Breaking the Habit on that Tour. 2008 was definitely the best LP Live year. Reading my eyes in munich, Pushing me away album version in düsseldorf. A place for my head in the Winter tour. The last real projekt revoulution in the US with some surprises like Breaking the Habit accoustic in Toronto. I really miss them rotating Setlists. One of the reasons I got tired of seeing them live. This tour I had to skip, due to ticket prices and time that I not have. I wish all others fun in cologne^^
  5. Great preshow post, I was at the show from 2008 and 2010. The 2008 show was also my first LP concert. Great crowd, great setlist. You made one mistake, the kölnarena and the lanxess arena are the same venue. The venue was just renamed from Kölnarena to Lanxess arena. So this means, lp is going to play their third time there, tonight.^^
  6. I don't know if the site works in your country, but you can watch it on the german Mtv site here. http://www.mtv.de/shows/1896-the-ride/staffeln/5390/folgen/64399-104
  7. Yes it is. Last Arena Tour in Germany had only 6 shows. Offcial 5 but they added Dortmund because of demand. I'm glad they are doing a big tour here, but I doubt the 9 Dates will sell well because of the huge amount of dates. Germany has many fans but this is really much. I'm going to cologne and hopefully Oberhausen.
  8. I don't think also that they will keep the europe set. According to this Interview, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zB2siWijjY by DasDing they want to play some songs from The Hunting Party,"A line in the Sand" or "Rebellion" for example said Phoenix. That interview is a album promotion off course, but maybe there is a little bit truth in the words of Phoenix and Chester. I hope so, then I want to see this songs live too, in the upcoming German Tour.
  9. The Hunting Party is on Number 1 of the records charts in Germany since this week. Also in Switzerland.^^
  10. Yes, to dates in the near of my city I'm a lucky person right now. Going to Köln and Oberhausen.
  11. Mike Shinoda interview on amazonmusicnotes.com, nothing really new what he is saying but I thought to share. http://www.amazonmusicnotes.com/post/89095638690/mike-shinoda-on-linkin-parks-heavy-new-album-it-was
  12. After faint, the setlist went boring. That was so a heavy nice start and then meh. But I'm glad they dropped the loatr/sotd/iridescent mash up. The only good was that chester was in his best shape.
  13. The flyer mentions a tour in fall and on the official lp.com for germany click here is mentioned to get an early access for the next tour in germany by pre-ordering the new album on the site. This is not mentioned on the us or uk site. I'm sure this a sign for the tour and I think the tour will be announced soon. And people will not forget it, because the tour must kick off right after the US Tour, considering the information we have.
  14. With the shifting, I am really sure some new tourdates will dropped. Hope we will get the Germany Fall Tour announcing very soon. I can't wait to see them playing here again.
  15. That's a bad joke. Thinking on And one, High Voltage or My December but okay haha
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