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Julien-K Announce European Tour 2011


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Julien-K will return to Europe this summer to promote their still-untitled sophomore album.


"Our last European tour was amazing. We were totally surprised with the turnout of our first run through Europe so we thought we would come back this summer to play festivals and start promoting the new album." Ryan Shuck explains. "We have a very loyal fanbase here in the US and all over the world and we have met so many new friends on our last tours with Dead By Sunrise in February and with Julien-K in August, it just seemed natural for us to come back this year. We love to travel. Meeting new people, playing new places are a big part of the fun in our job."


2011 will lead the band into new territories. Besides already confirmed shows in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the band will also play the Czech Republic and Hungary for the first time.


"All our friends and people we meet tell us that Prague and Budapest are fantastic places and we are really looking forward to finally play those cities. It will be a very exciting time in Europe!" Amir Derakh.


Tour Dates:


01.06.2011 - CZ - Prague - Modra Vopice

03.06.2011 - CZ - Chomutov - Otevreno Festival

10.06.2011 - GER - Cologne - Underground (Systeme De Street exclusive show)

16.06.2011 - HUN - Budapest - A38

18.06.2011 - CZ - Bilina - Boren Mysteria Festival

22.06.2011 - UK - London - The Borderline

31.07.2011 - NL - Utrecht - Summer Darkness Festival

13.08.2011 - GER - Hildesheim - M'era Luna Festival


More dates to be announced soon!


Source: Julien-K.de

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That's awesome. I'm sure a ton more German dates are coming :P Daniel wouldn't have it any other way lol


LP should add them to their PR shows.


Are there two legs or something? Early June and then late July-mid August...that's a long stay if it's just one leg lol

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Are there two legs or something? Early June and then late July-mid August...that's a long stay if it's just one leg lol

Ryan mentioned something about staying in Europe for 3 months. The Systeme De Street exclusive show sounds dope, they will premiere the entire new album before the performance.
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This year will be amazing june! Warms me a pleasant feeling that finally, in a tour of Czech Republic will play a role in Europe, which mainly plays Germany. Most shows of the tour in the Czech Republic - unbelievable. (At least for now.) Feeling kind of pride.


But I don't like the club Modrá Vopice (in English "Blue Monkey", in the Czech language can also be interpreted as humorous "Blue Hangover"). When I was there last, it was dirty and unpleasant club tucked in a little bit uncomfortable part of otherwise beautiful Prague. But since then been renovated.


See you in Prague with someone of LPL? .)

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And the Cologne show for the street teamers is by far the most epic one ever for me, since I can celebrate into my birthday on June 11 that night!!!


See you at as many shows as possible :P I'll definitely go to the Cologne show and the M'era Luna Festival..

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