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  1. I asked a question about Red to black from fort minor asking him to talk about his friend Victor ? Thought would be an emotional story and proposed it with that in mind But He refunded the bucks ! 😐 however he answered my other question on Its goin down music video making process he carefully chooses what to answer or not maybe he even repeats the same question which he has answered previous or talks about topics he has discussed several times but yah he is cautious if he likes he Will certainly answer else a refund !
  2. This is so true.I had watched this demo video during purchase of my 4k tv. It was very impressive , never knew dobly accquired rights for the video and released it for its comercial purpouse. Wonder if Samsung releases the 4k pro shot Berlin gig video sometime. I am 100 % sure they will use lp's fame and boost their sales through the video in retail outlets in near time.Will be great if they release it in a hard disk for purchase
  3. I still remember my very first lp gig 2010 ATS tour cycle Mike rapped Reading eyes verse as Intro over Bleed it out / A place for my head in Birmingham , UK however he first did it earlier at Frankfurt, Germany , and both were by requests during M&G.
  4. can somebody request Mike in the next m and g to do Points of authority / There the go , its been ages . comon Mike ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVfrOKSGdSM
  5. to add to this confirmed with with our Indian organiser couple of days back he said Lp booking agent will mail him if the booking for Asia tour is confirmed as far as now cant give out any specific dates on the tour cycle , and even seeing the context above it seems its just a proposal , lets hope for the show to happen ! will be a great delight for the mainland chinese fans
  6. As rahul mentions all these were actually proposed by the organiser to happen for a concert to happen in march - august time frame 2015 but things seem to move in an diffrent way now. We havnt heard any news from our organiser as far now , we will keep you guys posted , But as far we know the mangement wants two shows to happen since they play for the first time just like they did South Africa in 2012. The proposed cities for the events to happen are most likely Delhi , Bengaluru (India) . If the organiser goes with just one its most likely to happen at the same venue as STP was proposed to happen.
  7. really hoping for the Indian tour to happen , there is a possibility of two shows happening most likely too . Hope this tour will be a breakthrough in the bands carrear in making to new countries list. The concert will potentially attract fans from surrounding countries such as Bangaladesh , Pakistan , Srilanka , Tibet , Nepal . Hoping for the best and our team is fighting hard to get the band here play atleast once.
  8. From iHeartRadio: Linkin Park is invading Comic-Con this year and iHeartRadio is sending one lucky winner and a friend to San Diego to check out all the action! Fly to San Diego where you will hang out with celebs, see previews of blockbuster movies before anyone else, and check out the coolest new gadgets first. After you're done touring Comic-Con, head backstage to meet Linkin Park! Since you're the band's VIP, you will be front and center for an intimate private performance. Then Mike Shinoda will hand you one of his PRS' guitars signed by the band to take home! Don't miss out on an experience you'll always remember. Tune in to 97.1 the Eagle on weekdays at 7am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm. Text the keyword you hear to 45495 for your chance to experience Con with the band! * Standard message and data rates may apply. One winner will be randomly selected from all entries received during the first 15 minutes of each hour. To enter click here. The website for Comic-Con says that the event takes place from July 24th to July 27th. It is unknown right now what day Linkin Park plays.
  9. Lp sounds so much better than korn honestly ! Lp is gonna win defo
  10. @castle of glass purely used it to show as an similarity example , @soul yep know its fake sir !
  11. ‘90s Hardcore-Punk-Thrash. ^^ Gives huge hopes !!!
  12. i did like the flow of it in the middle , but that thing from 5.12 puts me a smile but still needs more HEAVY !
  13. I don't know why Lp choose 30STM bummed
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