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A small easter "egg"


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I got a little bored over the Easter holiday weekend and decided to finish up editing my recording from the Dead By Sunrise show in Hamburg. I decided to give this to you guys as a little easter treat, seeing as there's been a lack of substantial news lately.


Not many recordings from the European tour have surfaced so far and I feel that this is one of the best. This is hopefully an upgrade for songs like 'In The Darkness' or 'Into You'. I tried my best, but there are always people who feel the need to talk while at a show, so if you recognize yourself on this recording, be ashamed!


It was a very nice show, especially during tracks like 'Fire' or 'My Suffering' when the crowd had an opportunity to sing along.


I posted it here on Dime.

Direct Download Links (320 kbps mp3 format): Direct Download

Megaupload mirror (320 kbps mp3 format): Download Here



EDIT: 4/5, 1:10pm EST: Fixed the Direct Download link. The link originally went to an incomplete mp3 instead of the folder of the tracked out songs. Problem fixed! -Mark



Show page for the setlist

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