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  1. It'll be myself and our esteemed LPL host Dmitry right next to me.
  2. I still can't believe I'm going. Plan is to fly in day of, fly out the night after (red eye back to the east coast) at a really cheap rate. Section G1, thanks to the kindness of a very good friend who grabbed presale tix when I couldn't.
  3. Love that this is still circulating. Listened to it for the first time in a long while just a few days ago. Would have loved to have had just one more chance to tape them.
  4. Many of them were tagged with the name of the metropolitan city the venue is most associated with. Auburn, WA would be Seattle, Auburn Hills, MI would be Detroit, St Paul, MN would be Minneapolis, etc. It's a fairly common practice, not just an LP or DSP thing.
  5. Good to see the Shinoda sketches in a good home.
  6. But yet they manage to piss off many with their ill advised April Fools prank that Chester had his foot amputated. I'd rather post speculation about a tracklist and retract it than put out information as a prank in poor taste. Especially if they still enforce the rule about not posting personal info about band members - when last I visited, I think they were, but that was some time ago. I myself haven't had too much experience over there recently, echoing the sentiment that many others have that the there's a cloud of negativity toward the band over there. It may have changed, but
  7. Just confirmed with 'rockcat' over on dime that he's uploading LP along with 3 other sets from yesterday.
  8. I don't have the ability to upload there. I'm sure someone will though.
  9. It will probably go up on dime first, then other mirrors shortly thereafter.
  10. If the guy who's been uploading ROTR on dime doesn't do so by tonight, my recording should be ready to be uploaded.
  11. I've got 3 very early pieces, HT soldier concept art done by and signed by Mike. They were auctioned off for charity a few years back.
  12. Now that my dog likes you, there should be zero problems. Not sure if my kid will like you as much though.
  13. You're coming up for this if they're confirmed, I assume? *crossesfingers*
  14. Great recording. And agreed, always a nice surprise when a search for 'Linkin Park' turns up something new on dime, whether it's previously circulated or not. There's not enough LP out there, especially since DSPs killed taping and trading for awhile. mp3 version, stolen from Jonas in another thread, all credit to him: https://mega.co.nz/#!sZ0Q3ZCB!dg6kr-nAYxwR7QPyKmhGuVfnxQ1fRgJVNxt1pfrWbtU