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  1. I guess that is KTTK, based on the position of Brad's hand.
  2. "New life post-Cup? Take note! We antecipate with exclusively two shows that will take place in São Paulo and Rio in mid-November. (...) Kings of Leon, and directly from California, Linkin Park. Keep an eye, as the ticket sales will open later this month." Source: http://glamurama.uol.com.br/kings-of-leon-e-linkin-park-fazem-shows-no-brasil-em-novembro/
  3. What a mess on POA! Let me understand: a) they changed it to Drop D; they changed it to half Drop D, half Drop Db; c) Brad got the wrong guitar (Drop D) and replaced it by the correct one (Drop Db); d) Brad had issues on his Drop D guitar and was given to him a wrong one; e) there was no time to change guitars between Given Up and POA; f) it's time to sink or swim.
  4. Wow. So many first verses and no BTH or APFMH. Anyway, what a set!
  5. Songs We Need To See More Of: APFMH, With You, Runaway, Blackout; Songs The Band Has Been Nailing Live: OSC, Papercut, Given Up; Songs That Should Admittedly Take A Break: Crawling, Numb, In The End, Burn It Down; Songs That Would Be Gladly Welcomed Back: P5hng Me A*wy, Figure.09, Nobody's Listening, In Pieces, Don't Stay, And One.
  6. 01-Opening 02-Unfortunate 03-Oh No 04-[Chali] 05-Foreword 06-Empty Spaces 07-[Riff Raff] 08-The Requiem 09-The Radiance 10-[stef] 11-Technique 12-Sad 13-Issho Ni 14-Stick And Move 15-Yo Encore mmm: 16-You Ain't Gotsa Gotsa 17-Bubbles 18-No Laundry 19-Da Bloos 20-PBN' Jellyfish 21-26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet Encore 2: 22-Ntr/Mssion 23-Bang Three
  7. Jesus Christ... With You/Runaway, SIB, Points, LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Medley?????)!
  8. Tinfoil Faint Papercut WITH YOU Points (?) (?) Blackout ... OMG!
  9. BBBruno

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Mike just told me on LPU chat... "bruno: Mike, why not Pictureboard on next LPU? mike: Pictureboard has samples in it. Can't give to LPU." =(
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