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  1. Belgian here, ordered through the US Amazon link, total come to $27.85. +- 10 bucks for shipping is not that much imho...
  2. I'd be more than happy to donate something like $50 to see the lockout tapes made public. I think a few others are thinking the same...
  3. I'm still working on the pukkelpop one. Might have an update tomorrow.
  4. I'm not saying no, but I think it would be unrealistic to expect more. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled around here in case something does pop up.
  5. Okay, time to step in as the Belgian guy. This is from a TV channel called CANVAS. Now, multiple channels in Belgium show parts of the major festivals (I dunno, music festivals seem a huge part of Belgian youth culture). In this case it seems it was a live show, i.e. presenters are on-site, they talk about the bands, interview them, walk around the festival area and interview random people. This is usually all day long, and on radio as well. Another big part of this is sometimes they show live images from a certain band for a few songs, or (I think this might be the case here) after they fail to get permission to broadcast it live they are allowed to afterwards. This happened a few years back with Rammstein at Rock Werchter as well, only Sonne was broadcasted.
  6. What up guys, just got back from the festival, hopefully the tweets were good enough Nothing else really special to say, good set, but very little interaction. Mike did however pick someone's cardboard plaque that said Welcome on it (right before - you guessed it - Welcome was played). Underneath reminded my of old school graffiti Linkin Park logo's. Sadly no FRGT/10.
  7. Hey guys, I'm going tomorrow. Weather forecast seems pretty good for tomorrow. No longer part of the LPU so no M&G but I'm gonna try to get as close as possible. Will try to tweet the setlist if I can get any reception (or if there's no stream). https://twitter.com/jannevanrompaey *edit: spelling
  8. So, after finally having bought a ticket for PKP to see LP for the 5th time - first since 2011 - I decided to check the line-up. And lo and behold, who else do I see on the same day? Jurassic 5. FRGT/10 live confirmed? Probably not but what do you guys think?
  9. I think I paid around 15$, so it wasn't too bad I knew lpcatalog before, but the matrix I said isn't listed...
  10. I think you misunderstand, the ones with the CDVIDEO/CA are real LPU 1's only the MIX MEDIA one is fake I think. But still, to go through that amount of trouble...
  11. Hello everyone! I was cleaning my room the other day and found one of my old HTEP cd's in my cd-player. Now, I bought 2 LPU reissues a couple of years back when HQ was cleaning out, but before that I think (!) I bought a fake one over eBay. Now, I found this cd back today, and upon inspecting it I found this on the refractive end in the middle (see att. 1 for the picture): "MIX MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT © 1999 HYBRID THEORY" My two new ones, the official reissues, however say (see att. 2 for the picture): "CDVIDEO/CA A0112027 20730-1" The last part leads me to believe that the official ones were made at CDVideo in California. Fair enough. But would someone making fake cd's go as far as printing the inside of the rear of the cd with the entire line which I referred to? And just to satisfy my curiosity, would anyone with the original 1999 HTEP be able to tell me what it says there? Thanks!
  12. called it. http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopi...mp;#entry161097
  13. But Mike's rapping it as well, and there's a new piece of piano a couple of seconds earlier...
  14. So it's not exactly a premastered version, but more something like a demo or alternate version?
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