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  1. NICE Dir En Grey avatar. Awesome single. Love the 3rd track as well (crazy ass live s***)

  2. Hey all,


    I forgot my password for the longest time but just remembered it. I have to update my email now :P

  3. Thanks to RyanJ & LPLive, really appreciate this. I was at the show, so it will def help with memories. Really really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks just hopped onto Demonoid, dling now! Thanks so much! edit: Now seeding
  5. I 2nd this, always loved this song, good to know Chester enjoys it as well.
  6. OR there are copies of A Decade Underground there...
  7. Can you ever consider that a setlist? ^^ I completely realize this is custom / fantasy, but it seems almost over the top to say um 40 songs.
  8. I can see A-Stat's point. As far as any other editing goes, I wouldn't want it at all. Also since these DSP's are by and large being sold to more devoted LP fans (either hardcore ones, or those who just came back from a show and dished out some nice money to see them already) the editing isn't really necessary, as there isn't anyone (mass audience) in particular to impress.
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