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    subscribed philosophies:free will, determinism, a truth beyond truth, alogic, nihilism<br /><br />favorite writers: friedrich nietzsche, mao zedong, william lane craig, christopher hitchens, sam harris, ron paul<br /><br />some favorite albums:<br /><br />hybrid theory - linkin park<br />meteora - linkin park<br />phenomenon - thousand foot krutch<br />collide - skillet<br />summer of darkness - demon hunter<br />stereotype be - kevin max<br />captiva - falling up<br />and the rest will follow - project 86<br />crashings - falling up<br />swan songs - hollywood undead<br />innerpartysystem - innerpartysystem
  1. Thanks to RyanJ & LPLive, really appreciate this. I was at the show, so it will def help with memories. Really really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks just hopped onto Demonoid, dling now! Thanks so much! edit: Now seeding
  3. I 2nd this, always loved this song, good to know Chester enjoys it as well.
  4. OR there are copies of A Decade Underground there...
  5. Can you ever consider that a setlist? ^^ I completely realize this is custom / fantasy, but it seems almost over the top to say um 40 songs.
  6. I can see A-Stat's point. As far as any other editing goes, I wouldn't want it at all. Also since these DSP's are by and large being sold to more devoted LP fans (either hardcore ones, or those who just came back from a show and dished out some nice money to see them already) the editing isn't really necessary, as there isn't anyone (mass audience) in particular to impress.
  7. So considering the administrator just said he see's a problem with the rules, and said he just PMed the DSP link to 21 people, and I've looked for some 5 hours now, anyone mind sending a link over to the Stuttgart show. Thanks. you can hit me up on aim aim: ahybridofatheory if I get banned, then good bye all But come on Hahn just said he shared it with 21 people via PM, and he saw a problem with the rules.
  8. Honestly APFMH helps complete the setlist, it seemed the setlist was missing something to make it special, this just completed it. Seriously. APFMH / OSC great closers.
  9. Very interesting, still have very little interest in LPU.
  10. Footage is absolutely great!
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