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"The Crimson Chapter EP" Out December 1st


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The new EP from Mike is up for the pre-order. The EP will be called "The Crimson Chapter EP" and released on December 1st. It contains 8 tracks total.






01.Already Over (Crimson Intro) (2:11)

02.Already Over (2:40)

03.Already Over (Reorganized Mix) (1:52)

04.fine (Finer Mix) (3:23)

05.Already Over (Fort Minor Mix) [feat. Dom McLennon] (2:43)

06.In My Head (2:52)

07.Already Over (Nothing's There Mix) (3:07)

08.Already Over (Part 2) (2:32)


Source: Apple Music


EDIT 11/10: Mike has officially announced the EP and shared the Fort Minor Mix of "Already Over" featuring Dom McLennon from Brockhampton!



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Just heard the FM MIX, it’s fkin dope! Great take by Mike. Something different. Same track with different approaches. Unique. 💯🎉🙌🏻🔥


sad that whatever Mike did, fans wanted more and more. sucks. he can just call it a quit and fans still being noisy bout it. 

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This isnt what most hoped, but i think it still includes cool stuff. Yeah id also rather have a couple new tracks with this but Part 2 could be a new track, also the intro could be its own thing, FM remix is DOPE and Fine is my fav MS track so im glad to get a remix for that one. At least the remixes seem to be unique and not sped up, slowed or nightcore versions, so Im looking forward to give am all a listen. In My Head was unwanted but expected, but also all the visuals that have came with this are insane :D

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As long as these are all real remixes and not just turning up or down the playback speed knob like the In My Head remix EP, this is fine, I guess. It does feel a little bit like we’re just getting random dumps of the same songs over and over, though.

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The only saving grace here is that it’s free to stream, and not a CD/vinyl/box set exclusive


In My Head is technically the first release in this “new era”, alright.

Already Over is a new release / “lead single”, cool.

Throw in an Already Over remix, no problem.


The fine remix and the rest can fuck right off. This just feels lazy and label pandering.

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