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Waiting For Tomorrow Releasing October 19


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It's been a few years since we first caught wind of the song, but "Waiting For Tomorrow" is finally getting an official studio release on October 19 as part of a five song EP Martin Garrix is releasing called Plus.



We've heard a few different versions of the song over the years. Garrix debuted a live version back in March of 2016. A month later, an edit of the live version that Pierce Fulton appeared on SoundCloud, which people mistakenly took as a leak of the song. There was even fan made art to accompany the "leak". It was set to be on Garrix's debut studio album that came out that was scheduled for the end of 2016. Then, in September 2016, a lyric video for the track was uploaded to Garrix's old label Spinnin' Talent Pool that was later deleted. Since then, it's been teased on and off by Garrix, claiming back in January and later in June of 2017 that it would be released "soon". However, in October of that year, he said that "...due to the situation with Chester, I don't see it releasing anytime soon."


Well, I guess a year is past what he would consider "anytime soon", because the song is coming this week! You can check out the latest live version of the track here, featuring some different lyrics and a different structure.


Are you excited? It's been a long time coming. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world!

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What is the source of this info / cover?


So many fake info there, Garrix also said that there is Chester on that song and it is called "Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Linkin Park)" not feat. Mike Shinoda.

The live version had Chester's voice on it but none of the studio version leaks up to this point did. There are clearly multiple versions of the song and who knows which one we'll actually get.

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The first song from this ep will be released on Monday, second on Tuesday etc., we don't have the tracklist with the right order, so it's hard to say If WFT will be available before friday.

oct 15 01. Martin Garrix Yottabyte

oct 16 02. Martin Garrix Acces

oct 17 03. Martin Garrix & Dyro Latency

oct 18 04. Martin Garrix & Blinders Breach (Walk Alone)

oct 19 05. Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton ft. Mike Shinoda Waiting For Tomorrow


Garrix also said that there is Chester on that song and it is called "Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Linkin Park)" not feat. Mike Shinoda.

Where did he say that?
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So the song will be released in less than 13 hours (in some countries there will be still October 18).


Here's the tracklist of the Plus EP:


  1. Breach (Walk Alone) (02:58)
    Martin Garrix & Blinders
  2. Yottabyte (03:30)
  3. Latency (03:24)
    Martin Garrix & Dyro
  4. Access (03:15)
  5. Waiting For Tomorrow (feat. Mike Shinoda) (04:07)
    Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton

Total Length: 17:14

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Wow, the demo lyrics are vastly superior to this version. I mean, "I promised I would never stop and in your name I would climb them", “The end is unknown but still we rise”, "The fear is creeping up behind all this courage I'm projecting". The changed lyrics are much weaker IMO. Also the second verse being cut feels really weird. Otherwise I do think this version is better. Mike sounds great and the production is A+

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The change in lyrics could also come from the fact that the song was leaked a while back. It did seem as tho Garrix was upset by the leak and scrapped the initial single release. On one of his instagram streams he even said there was no point in releasing the track anymore. This change probably came from him wanting to give his fans a new and fully completed song as intended.

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