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2 hours ago, kennjii said:

Points of Authority and With You (Stems) are out

with only these info, i finally found your source.

thanks for the heads up!


too soon, not sure i got the same thing as yours as it looks like unmastered version for with you..

for POA, seems like it's missing the drums..


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1 hour ago, andros said:


Just acapella :( I want the full MTM instrumentals.

Honestly with the rate that things have been leaking/surfacing lately, I would be surprised if they weren't out there by the end of this year. Same goes for ATS, Reanimation, and Post Traumatic instrumentals, which I know for a fact are being out there being traded but haven't leaked yet.


Same with the mastered stems for the rest of OML.

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1 hour ago, wark said:


$650 lol.

If a trader agrees to sell something rather than trade it for something equally rare, they usually name their price as something high like that so that you think twice before leaking it to the general public once you buy it. That applies to this LP stuff as well as most rare things (instrumentals/multitracks) from other artists that aren't circulated.


So yes, they potentially make a lot of money by selling creations that aren't theirs to sell lol.

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I know that trading stuff from the Rammstein traders. It's a pain in the ass for someone like me that likes to share everything he knows with the rest of the community, hence my RammWiki project. But sometimes it's a necessary evil to get stuff by trade or even buying it (like a friend of mine bought a demo tape with yet unreleased content for 500€), before you sit on it for years until the opportunity comes to use trade it further. But with time you may have enough rare stuff to bring some of it to the public.


Sure it's making money off other creations, but so is that for rare physical stuff as well, isn't it? ;) (Yes I know, that copying digital files isn't exactly the same, but still selling rare shit is making undeserved profit as well in the end)


Whoever is responsible for these recent leaks and all the people behind the curtains that managed to get that stuff: I'm eternally thankful for your work! Keep it coming. From fans for fans.

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