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  1. but worst than leak it, it's sell it
  2. WARNER BROS removed the content, NOT LINKIN PARK, the LABEL wanna profit with this stuff, wich sometimes they can't, that's the true, the band itself doesn't care at all!
  3. I know, as A FACT, that Mike and Linkin Park, doesn't care about instrumentals, acapellas or even multitracks getting released, trust me i know, so with that said i think that anybody who want's to "sell" oficial stuff, should be banned or busted, this material is not theirs, this guys get those things from the radio and promotional stuff, they don't spet 1 pent to get those files, it's not fair
  4. We'll i guess this depends where you picked up yours hahaha
  5. Points of Authority and With You (Stems) are out
  6. since the version of In The End that came out (with 23 tracks) have a lot of "merge tracks", i've put out there my personal splitted version with 34 tracks synced in stereo
  7. AMAZING absolutely AMAZING thank you so much!
  8. Can you upload and send me those files? the're offiline by now
  9. "reliable source" hahahahha sound's good do ^^ let's just wait to see what really could happen on the next few months....but my bet still on Rock in Rio Sept 2017!
  10. omg looks so fucking awesome, i really like it! Looking forward the someone rip both th in the end remix from hardwell and this new stuff with Martin!
  11. Thank You so much! that's awesome
  12. Wonderful idea, if this working...we gonna have a lot of shows that we never seen before! (includes SP 2004 and 2002 shows)
  13. I Have the link for download! for this video on best quality i uploud this! But the forum has removed anything link´s! the interesed send us a message that I send the link@
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