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  1. Is it different from the version that's been out for a while?
  2. I did. Like, a year ago.
  3. When merged, Iridescent goes down to 50ish and WTCFM to 90ish. About the guitars, I guess that was only the rhythm guitar of Iridescent?
  4. Maybe they were talking about the post that disappeared from reddit?
  5. Those are the live partial stems leaked some time ago. And I believe the backing vocals of both songs are fake. They were isolated by someone.
  6. ATS, Reanimation and PT instrumentals leaked.
  7. It is exactly the same thing.
  8. You mean the unmastered acapella that's been out for like a month, or something else?
  9. Basically the same unmastered acapella from live stems.
  10. He does backing vocals in the chorus. Maybe he sings more, but only stems will tell for sure.
  11. Some people said they got full stems of both songs, but there's no proof, so its probably only the concert stems.
  12. Chester and Mike sing together in all OML songs.
  13. Nobody Can Save Me stems are out too.
  14. Nobody Can Save Me acapella out there too.
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