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  1. Look This vídeo Have long intro, different on dvd.
  2. Ok thx My box Have acess laminate and dvds pressing is ok. but the vinyls are made in germany and the dvds are also made in germany. k7 made in Canada.
  3. what is the total size of the Fillmore show? mine is missing 1: 35min of introduction, it starts right in With you.
  4. 'Errors present in the "Deluxe Box Set" Version EUR' - Dvd's "Fillmore / RIR and Frat Party, wrong pressing. - in show Fillmore, 1:36 intro with the audience screaming at the beginning before Linkin Park enters the stage is cut. - LPU Rarities Cd, Hurry and Chair (instrumental) contains only 30 seconds. - Lithography MS is Pixed (Looks like Xerox). - Pass PR02 is not laminated. - Does not have support to help pull vinyls inside the box. - P5hng me A * wy (incomplete and some Vinyl's). - Hybrid Theory Ep Vinyl, mike hand is credited to 'Technique (Mix) and Mixing', is instead credited twice to 'And One' - in some books, some parts linkin park is written as "linking Park". - Some tracks from Vinyl "Hybrid Theory Ep" are jumping on the needle.
  5. Yes, Fillmore is Full, all interludes, intro and outro. But PR 02 no is complete 😕 Have ALL songs,but is edit 😕
  6. I saw the dvd's fillmore is a great show, complete with pranks, pause between songs, they repeat "in the end" because the first take was weird lol. although the PR02 show left something to be desired, they cut all the jokes and made a mix between the shows, it could have been just the images from las vegas, it would have been a lot better, the show is better with these cut scenes and edition was left without the emotion of a complete show with, pauses, jokes, speeches, and etc ... I know you hear a lot of fights and breaks at PR02 shows, BUT AND SO? it would be much more exciting, more so. it is very good, but not so good. 😉 maybe someday a show of that full will appear.
  7. I am also in the same situation. I sent an email yesterday to support and so far they have not answered me.
  8. Yes FULL Concert in Las Vegas. what brings a lot of confusion mainly around this PR show, is that there is this doubt whether it is a "Mix between San Diego and Las Vegas" or just a Las Vegas full. I always believed and I still believe that it is just Las Vegas Show. I didn’t see the official website saying it would be a mix of shows. I’m excited to be here soon to check it out. lol
  9. yes i already read. the San Diego show had a few breaks. in las vegas even with fights, there was no pause. hear a little boo when Chester thanked him for security, they may have just edited that part. think with me, if it was a mix they could have said it in the trailer, the more they say Full concert Las Vegas. that is, the stream is only from Vegas. we will only know on the 9th though, but i am convinced that it is just the full vegas show.
  10. well, i still believe it's the full vegas show. the scream for sure is the full of Vegas, if it was a mix they would have announced it, and the DVD also I believe is vegas. I think a mix of San Diego and Vegas would be confusing. well, we can only wait ...
  11. I'll send email From Support. At in moment nothing my tracking number , but thx friend 👍🙂
  12. has anyone received email with tracking code? on the website says they would start sending it on October 5th, I still haven't received an email about it .
  13. in vídeo unboxing Mike, a message appears on the screen "A Full Projekt Revolution Tour Show From 2002" I am 100% sure that this show stream is the same as the DVD. I haven't seen it at any time on the LP website or until now officially saying that PR DVD would be a mix between San Diego and Vegas. in fact I think there may be parts from the San Diego Show on "The Sequel Of The DVD With The Worst Name We Have Made". But PR DVD is Las Vegas Full Concert Same Stream, and i'm very, Very Happy This 😀👏🏻
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