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Linkin Park @ Download Festival 2011


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According to festivalisten.de, Linkin Park will headline the Download Festival next year. The dates for the festival are June 10 through 12. An official confirmation is expected soon (as in, today) from the Download Festival and/or Linkin Park.


This is the first 2011 tour date for Europe!


Source: here.


EDIT: Radio 1 has just announced it live on air!

EDIT 2: Kerrang has announced it on Twitter!

EDIT 3: It's on the Download Twitter account.

EDIT 4: Confirmed on the official Download Festival website.

and now EDIT 5: Officially confirmed by Linkin Park on their Twitter account here.

"We'll be headlining the 2011 Download Festival."


Rock am Ring / Rock im Park have already confirmed their three headliners (Kings Of Leon, Coldplay & System Of A Down), so for 2011 in Europe it looks like Linkin Park will play other festivals. Sonisphere maybe? Perhaps the Projekt Revolution Tour will return to Europe? What do you guys think?

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A bit of topic...


Any new about Southamerica 2011 ¿?

Nothing yet. I think since LP will tour in this order: Australia, North America, Asia, Europe, North America...that the South American 2011 shows, if they play there in 2011, will come after the North America shows in summer 2011.

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Hello, welcome to Planet Earth




System Of A Down and Linkin Park as headliners of Download 2011... I'd kill anyone for a ticket and a flight


I know right, the semester just ended for us Architecture students. We barely see the light of day and we barely sleep also. Thats good of them, just checked their site. Maybe new music will come out of this touring.


Back on topic. Man I would love to see LP and SOAD at the same venue, however thats not happening since I life in the other side of the pond and am broke as a bad joke.

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