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LPU Summit In Sydney!


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Due to the success of the first International LPU Summit in London, we wanted to take the Summit down under. We will be holding another International LPU Summit event on December 15 at Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia where you'll have the chance to meet and hang out with Linkin Park and other LPU members in an intimate setting. LPUX Annual members will be admitted for FREE but you must have a ticket to the show on Dec 15th to attend. Buy tickets for the show HERE, then go HERE to reserve your spot at the Summit.




Sydney LPU Summit Event Activities:


- Meet & Greet with Linkin Park

- Raffle for band photo and backstage tour

- Photo on stage with LP’s official gear

- Q&A Session with Linkin Park

- Meet Linkin Park’s touring crew

- Walk the Linkin Park stage

- LPU Summit Laminate

- Meet up with LPU members for daytime activities TBA (outside of Acer Arena)


Source here.


Who will attend?

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got a few quick questions for you adam if that's cool?


a mate and i are flying over from WA to attend the brisbane, newcastle, adelaide, sydney and melbourne shows... as the summit is now going to mean a flight change - would you recommend we fly in on the previous day (ie, additional activities on the 14th for example) or would flying in on the 15th (in the morning) still be fine?


also... any chance the jam band will be happening again and if so... any idea on what song will be played (for those who wanna practice hehe!)


thanks heaps dude... you do heaps for us so any help with the above would be super cool :D

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Adam, no Linkin Park jam? That's what I was keen for.


Also I've had no access to my LPU account since I signed up. And no-one has replied my emails. At the rate this is going I wouldn't be able to attend due to my accoun isn't active




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Wouldn't it be better having it in Melbourne, i mean at least thats two dates back to back...

And whats with having to have a ticket to the show? Come on thats a bit unfare for everyone else who already has tickets in their state, i'm going to be vollentering at the show on the 12th and i have a ticket for the 13th.

I really think it should be open to all Australians atleast!

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Could somebody please tell me how to reserve my spot for the summit? I keep clicking on the link, but it takes me back to the same page. Cheers in advance! =]


EDIT: Ah, worked it out.

Edited by Jen88
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