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  1. okay. to clear this up. i just saw the video of the chat. what dave thought was that linkin park plays to vocal backing tracks. which means either 1. essentially, lip-synching or 2. having the track play back through their in-ear monitors, and singing along with it. linkin park occasionally sings OVER backing tracks, but never lip-synchs. and this is very rare. there's small parts of a few songs they even do this to. neither do they have the album track playing back through their in-ear monitors. there's a rip of mike's in-ear monitor from a show in 2004. no album track playing.
  2. don't think that's a diss, he was just talking about how LP couldn't help his situation, being on tour and all. nope. truth. dave couldn't hit half the notes chester hits, or have half the power behind his voice. chester destroys him. not to mention, dave is a terrible live vocalist. horrible tone and pitch is off many times, when chester has become one of the best over the years. sure, dave's got vocal power, but he can't touch chester's. take it from me. i was at the weenie roast last year and saw them both perform within the same ten minutes. chester's power blew me the fuck away up until the end of linkin park's 90 minute set, and i was cringing at dave's horrible tone for most of the foo fighters' set. let's hear dave try to sing "new divide," "given up," or "the messenger." can't imagine that? that's 'cause it's not possible.
  3. does anyone remember the exact quote that mike said, word for word? or have a recording? i have a feeling this has been taken out of context. source? i find this hard to believe since ryu was featured on the raid soundtrack, and was at the LPU screening event with mike and chester. he even attended the afterparty with mike after the screening. where's your proof?
  4. nah, unfortunately he doesn't. the only tracks with vocals are this one and the GBC one.
  5. parth196

    LPU 11 Launched!

    I'm sure we will. We felt the same way about the "sixth strings song," which turned out to be "Blackbirds."
  6. damn you got a problem LMFAO. i haven't seen a post this angry in a long ass time, even here lmfao
  7. parth196

    Next PR

    why would linkin park open for someone else on their own tour lmfao. and anyway, muse would open for LP.
  8. LMFAO. you agree that most ATS tracks sound terrible live, but you also claim to like all of the full songs they've played from ATS so far? LMFAO!
  9. damn, i really hope they can achieve this new goal.
  10. the art print is sick. the t-shirt's pretty awesome too. great package.
  11. P5hng Me A*wy A Place For My Head Figure 0.9 Leave Out All The Rest One Step Closer Reading My Eyes Shadow of The Day Not Alone Burning In The Skies Little Things Give You Away With You Lying From You Iridescent Pushing Me Away Robotboy In Pieces The Catalyst No Roads Left Crawling New Divide In Between Valentines Day In The End From The Inside Forgotten Dont Stay When They Come For Me Nobody's Listening Hands Held High Waiting For The End Breaking The Habit Papercut
  12. fucking awesome. i wish they opened with 'new divide' at weenie roast.
  13. out of the five shows i've attended, the craziest crowds were mountain view '07 and los angeles '11.
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