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  1. Ill be going for this show! Will update you guys if any cool shit goes down haha
  2. The Catalyst. I started becoming a fan from MTM, The Catalyst took the LP sound to a whole new level and as people already said it was completely unexpected. The snippet on YouTube blew my mind. After that it would have to be ALTNC. I always viewed that song as LP trying to fit into trends which is (sadly) dubstep. I didn't expect that although I was fully aware of aoki's involvement. WID part 5, seriously? But I'll just leave it at that. Btw did I tell you I was blown away by The Catalyst?
  3. Yep that's true. But Green Day is the sort of band that will add old stuff to their set. Plus this is already kinda confirmed to be exclusive. Still very awesome news though. The return of PMA & BM
  4. Anyone remember when green day dropped the Dookie backdrop 2 months ago? Imagining that energy with HT
  5. If Chester and STP releases ONE album and a short tour before Scott comes back... It will be awesome. But if Scott doesn't it may be a bit of a problem for LP. Being a frontman of LP and DBS is one thing. DBS is a small band. STP on the other hand are pretty big and established band and that will take away a lot of time. Chester can't just throw STP aside like he did with DBS. That new song is awesome though.
  6. Can you post the link to that vid?
  7. I always skip ND when i a listening to the dsps but in concerts it is a really different feeling. The concert i went to in 2011 got me jumping to it
  8. Catalyst may suffer the same fate as crawling cuz Chester said is was hard to sing before...
  9. LMK

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    Just listened to the Cincinatti dsp, was the Joe's scratching on the bridge of OSC different there or is it just me?
  10. Hoping they rotate their heavier songs like this: Papercut/POA LFY/Dont' Stay BTH/FTI SIB/NMS WTCFM/Wretches BITS/Blackout Only Given Up, Victimized and With You are staples for each show with APFMH in 1 set.
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