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  1. Probably my favorite picture of the band I've ever taken, since it has all six of them. From Bristow, Carnivores Tour.
  2. I hope so. Only a few hours from me, and after looking into it, it sounds badass!
  3. Well, I saw that link the was retweeted by the LPL page, so I guess time will tell. I really hope it doesn't! I was popping a Linkin Park Live cherry at this show, dammit!
  4. Mark gonna be on the barricade in Greensboro? Nice! Hopefully I'll see you down there, man. Still waiting to hear your input on the 2008 being the best year for the LPL Community.
  5. Hahaha, wonderful. Glad I get to do the backstage tour thing because this "special viewing platform" sounds kinda shitty. Ah well. I got that package for the show in Hershey, so if it's at least a DECENT view, I'm gonna try and tape the show.
  6. Did anybody who was at the show get a chance to see anything about that "special viewing platform" that was included with one of the deluxe meet and greet packages? I spent that outrageous amount of money for the backstage meet and greet (the $425 package) and Lorenzo told me on Twitter that the special viewing platform would be right behind or on top of the sound booth thing right in the middle of the pit. I'm just curious as to how the platform was? Was it spacious? Lots of people? Decent view?
  7. When did Mike say this? My little brother is DYING to see Crawling.
  8. Debating getting pit tickets to this show. Going to the Hershey show, and really wanna do another show. How is this venue?
  9. This is probably a very dumb and out there type question, but does anyone know the FONT of the CURRENT setlists rotation that LP is using? IT looks like a very basic font to me, but I can't pinpoint exactly what it is.
  10. Exactly! The Hunting Party brought out the inner youth these guys have in them. I mean look at who they are touring with now, Of Mice and Men and Rise Against. And then a show with A Day To Remember later in 2015. All "younger" types bands. I love Linkin Park even more after this year.
  11. 2014. Dare I say that this year has been the most exciting year for the Linkin Park Live community? Because I truly believe it has been. I've been a member on this wonderful site since 2008, and I don't post all that often. I lurk around, and read everyone else’s opinion. Most times I agree, and other times I don't. That's the beauty of this place, opinions are welcomes 110%. And in MY opinion, I feel like 2014 has been the best touring cycle for LP since the Minutes To Midnight tours. Back in 2007 and 2008, the band was at the height of their experimental days with setlists. Projekt
  12. Lorenzo is saying on his Twitter that people should be getting in at the same time. LPU and Premium Package folks. All depends on if it is a clusterufck or not. I've gone to shows that flow smoothly with early entry, and other times it was a MAD HOUSE. I mean, in a perfect world, both groups getting in at the same time would make the most sense. People paying the CRAZY amount of money for those premium packages, and loyal LPU fans should have an equal opportunity for having the spot at the show they desire. I mean, everyone is gonna have a laminate, whether it be LPU or Premium Delu
  13. Backstage M&G Package; $425. Regular M&G Package: $300.
  14. Got the Backstage M&G package for Hershey. Shit is gonna be GREAT.