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  1. Monterrey 2012 concert for me, definitely. A 1080i feed source of the full concert would be awesome (am I asking too much? haha)
  2. I tried so hard... and got so far... but in the end, it doesn't even matter. YouTube removed the full video and gave me a copyright warning, BUT I uploaded both the 1080p and 720p files on Google Drive, so everybody can either watch the full video in 1080p in the preview or download the original file in a single part and probably much faster than torrent. Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_o3RzO3uWf6M0c2MFR0VVNqQzg/view?usp=sharing And also in the first post.
  3. Sorry, I wasn't able to include APFMH, Until It's Gone, Wastelands and Rebellion. (Final Masquerade and Guilty All The Same are there, though) APFMH because that would be a track for the first half of the show and it was already edited in a way I couldn't add it without having to change everything, and the three others because either they were not performed in many concerts at the time of editing or they would make the video too long, or both. But if it changes anything, even without those songs I finished the video with a little over 2 hours, so it's still about half an hour longer than a us
  4. I can send two versions of the video if you want: the master QuickTime 1080p MOV file exported directly from Premiere Pro and the MP4 file re-encoded with MeGUI at around probably 8-12 Mbps, which will probably have around 10-15 GB. Or even make a third SD version in DVD resolution (at around 4-5 GB). I just want to make at least one high-quality copy because I have some sources that are really worth it (RTR blu-ray and some 1080i feeds at 36 Mbps with granulation and other details that can easily get lost if the file get too small). I appreciate your appreciation.
  5. Thanks a lot for your help, it looks like I will really gonna need it, because I googled around about Believe Music. Apparently those f***ers already used the names "Milk Records", "Believe Digital" and now "Believe Music". They're simply creating various accounts and taking down random videos. Some of them have copyright-protected music, some of them do not (there are even gameplay videos being striked). They block the video in some countries or say that it "matched third-party content" and try to monetize them. If no one complains about it, they get all the monetization revenue of the video
  6. Another trailer. More like a part of one single song, but anyway...
  7. I'll try my best to put APFMH in the video, but I can't guarantee because I think even without it and even using a medley for LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent instead of the full songs the concert will probably already end up with at least 1h40-1h50, so I'm giving kind of a "priority" to the most performed songs (that way I have more cameras to use). But I'm including some personal favorites that were not that much performed, like most of the ATS songs (I've included "Blackout", "When They Come For Me" and obviously "The Catalyst"). Of course I won't leave Hybrid Theory behind, but I just don't know if I
  8. Well, I didn't wanted to spoil the surprise (per say), but I'm using so far these ones: 01. Live in Texas (720p upscaled DVD ISO - upscaling and some processing via AviSynth) 02. Collision Course (DVD ISO) 03. Fort Minor AOL Sessions 2005 (for Road to Revolution's Points of Authority bridge - it's also from a DVD ISO, but I don't know the source) 04. Live 8 Philadelphia 2005 (for Numb/Encore - don't worry, the normal version is also performed, you'll see haha) 05. Live Earth 2007(1080i from BS HI) 06. Webster Hall New York 2007 (the 720p version with japanese subtitles at some parts) 07. R
  9. Yes, I'm trying to use only HD or high quality SD material, which is why I'm using more and more of the recent shows. Luckily most Linkin Park concerts are widescreen, but when there's some 4:3 material (like the brazilian SWU festival in 2010), I adjust the shots one by one so that they can fill the whole screen and still fit everything that matters in the frame. If anyone cares, I'm doing the video at 29.97 frames per second. I thought about doing it at 60 frames but I simply don't have the processing power required. Thank you all for the support so far. I'm uploading unlisted previews o
  10. Guys, do you have any information about using only the audio from those blocked videos? Because I was alright with the "matched third party content" I got from WMG about 20 times in the video I'm working (it uses scenes from various concerts), but suddenly it became blocked worldwide, and I don't think WMG's copyright policy changed so fast. My suspect is the "Breaking The Habit" audio from Webster Hall ("Linkin Park-Breaking the Habit (Live)", managed by Believe Music), which is the only audio or video that is not owned by WMG, because the automatic play for the copyright notices page sends m
  11. Just trying to do something special. A full concert (actually a little over a full concert, it'll probably have almost 2 hours) edited from about 25 live videos, all proshot (maybe it'll be more when finished). I'm trying not only to put together a lot of videos, but also to make a nice editing work when possible, while still using the best scenes from each video. Hope y'all like it, and also hope YouTube doesn't block it. I'll probably release it before the end of February. FINAL VIDEO IS HERE (released February 5, 2014): BUT it is blocke