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  1. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    someone can ask Pooch about Vancouver?
  2. iTunes bonus track:Godz in the Front (feat. Demigodz) Edit: a proof of scene rls
  3. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    I just quote Mark said.haha
  4. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    only miss Chula Vista,The others @ usual place.
  5. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    I find,we always could get any DSP from a rich man.I know he has been baned in LPL.sadly.
  6. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    Mexico show add ,but only 1 show
  7. lpu9

    Mexico DSP

    Only 1 show: 14.09.2012 Mexico City, MX EDIT: 26.10.12 no DSP for Monterrey. Source here.
  8. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    08_New Divide_08_30_12_LP_LIVE_Denver 7:43 fuck up!!!
  9. Anyone Record it?I want download it because i miss the full show.
  10. The DSPs (Digital Souvenir Packages) for the 2012 South American Tour are now posted on the LP DSP website at http://downloads.linkinpark.com/. SHOWS: 05.10.2012 Buenos Aires, AR [Released Oct. 17th] 07.10.2012 São Paulo, SP [Released Oct. 18th] 08.10.2012 Rio de Janeiro, RJ [Released Oct. 19th] 10.10.2012 Rio de Janeiro, RJ [Released Oct. 23rd] 12.10.2012 Porto Alegre, RS [Released Oct. 23rd] EDIT: Pooch confirms the two Mexico shows will have DSPs as well.
  11. A,B,C just a setlist name,I just mean opening song.A='TINFOIL' and 'Faint' opening B='APFMH' opening C='With You' opening
  12. In fact,we need a Set C (With You opening) proshot. this year proshot(full show): Rock In Rio Set B Telekom Street Gigs Set A Carson Set A MTV World Stage Set B so,this time,hope Set C
  13. From Mike Shinoda LPU Chat : - Setlist may not be changed when they play Brazil but could be by the time they play South Africa.
  14. happy birthday

  15. lpu9

    Honda Civic Tour DSPs

    APFMH starts boring,Joe did a good job on BIO. I think Auburn Hills sound great then Indianapolis.
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