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  1. someone can ask Pooch about Vancouver?
  2. iTunes bonus track:Godz in the Front (feat. Demigodz) Edit: a proof of scene rls
  3. I just quote Mark said.haha
  4. only miss Chula Vista,The others @ usual place.
  5. I find,we always could get any DSP from a rich man.I know he has been baned in LPL.sadly.
  6. Mexico show add ,but only 1 show
  7. lpu9

    Mexico DSP

    Only 1 show: 14.09.2012 Mexico City, MX EDIT: 26.10.12 no DSP for Monterrey. Source here.
  8. 08_New Divide_08_30_12_LP_LIVE_Denver 7:43 fuck up!!!
  9. Anyone Record it?I want download it because i miss the full show.
  10. The DSPs (Digital Souvenir Packages) for the 2012 South American Tour are now posted on the LP DSP website at http://downloads.linkinpark.com/. SHOWS: 05.10.2012 Buenos Aires, AR [Released Oct. 17th] 07.10.2012 São Paulo, SP [Released Oct. 18th] 08.10.2012 Rio de Janeiro, RJ [Released Oct. 19th] 10.10.2012 Rio de Janeiro, RJ [Released Oct. 23rd] 12.10.2012 Porto Alegre, RS [Released Oct. 23rd] EDIT: Pooch confirms the two Mexico shows will have DSPs as well.
  11. A,B,C just a setlist name,I just mean opening song.A='TINFOIL' and 'Faint' opening B='APFMH' opening C='With You' opening
  12. In fact,we need a Set C (With You opening) proshot. this year proshot(full show): Rock In Rio Set B Telekom Street Gigs Set A Carson Set A MTV World Stage Set B so,this time,hope Set C
  13. From Mike Shinoda LPU Chat : - Setlist may not be changed when they play Brazil but could be by the time they play South Africa.
  14. happy birthday

  15. APFMH starts boring,Joe did a good job on BIO. I think Auburn Hills sound great then Indianapolis.
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