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how can people say that was awesome? wtf? lol


Mike sounded really weird at the beginning...Chester rough as HELL like he was when they first started playing New Divide. I wish LP would like, tour with these songs before they debut them HUGELY like on the VMAs. They tend to do that and that's why they sound bad.



- Bouncing crowd, good venue, great lights. All in one highlight.

- Joe singing his ass off, THAT WAS COOL. Phi and Brad having micstands is badass too.



Sad stuff:

- Chester sounds sooooo bad :/

- Brad doing that crap holding up the guitar every shot they showed of him...SOTD live bridge much? Don't like that lol

- Mike, ehh. Need to get more used to him singing the beginning but his "lift me up, let me go" part was cool. Glad to see him finally sing live!

- Radio edit / no ending to the song

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