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  1. You can see me in the back at about 2:08 obnoxiously chewing my gum LOL
  2. Woah, that is a little harsh there. Maybe like kidnap him for the remainder of the Honda Civic Tour or something lol
  3. You're missing out man. If you are going to download any, download the Camden one You won't be disappointed!
  4. And selling a hat for $40 at the merch booth is okay with them I guess? Smh. I feel bad for the people going to the show tonight since they won't be able to get a DSP for it. DSP make a LP concert experience that much memorable.
  5. I think the reason we have yet to see Crawling this tour and why they keep dropping it is because they want to preserve Chester's voice. Chester has a hell of a setlist to sing almost every night. VICTIMIZED/QWERTY, LIES GREED MISERY, etc. Listening to Chester live in Camden and I will say that this is probably the best I have every heard Chester in a while. He is starting to scream more than he has previously done recently. I think Crawling will make a comeback during the middle - end of the tour.
  6. There is also a town in New Jersey called Wyckoff. The more you know.
  7. FUCKING AMAZING day yesterday! I'll write more about the Summit and concert on the LPU though. I was front row against the barricade like almost in the center (A tiny bit to the left because I wanted to be on Brad's side more). Had small conversations with all of the members at M&G but when I talked to Joe I joked around with him saying yo man what's going on with the Numb intro the past few nights. Heard you've been slipping up man haha But he nailed it that night so I hope I encouraged him lol Fucking epic show and setlist. The pit took a little bit to warm up completely but I fucking lead that movement jumping up and down and going crazy since song 1. Then after a bit everybody warmed up and starting jumping and moshing fucking hardcore. All band members said said hi or pointed to me during or after the show except Joe since I guess he was high up in the back but we made eye contact A LOT during the whole concert lol Phoenix pointed at me and if I remember Mike did too but Mike and Brad were like whats up to me. A good amount of times during the show Chester came up right in front of me a good amount of times and he looked at me while he was singing/screaming which was pretty fucking cool as we made eye contact the whole time. After the show while they were saying goodbye Rob saw me and looked at me and waved at me and said hi. I rocked out hardcore and was singing nonstop (Starting losing my voice during like the 6th fucking song) from song 1 all the way to the last one and I guess the band took notice since a lot of them were smiling at me and stuff throughout the entire show. Well there is my short show summary lol Feel free to ask me any questions about the Summit or concert.
  8. Quick phone update. Setlist B. APFMH opening. With You then Vict/QWERTY 4th and 5th. SIB POA LGM all in there. OSC closer. Amazing setlist. Saw the whole thing and took pics of setlist during Backstage tour in production room. Going to be amazing 2nght.
  9. My 1:15 AM bus just delayed until about 3 AM now = (
  10. Leaving tonight at 10:40 PM and traveling all throughout the morning to Philly/Camden. Literally won't be sleeping for the next two nights. If only I had my license everything would be so much fucking easier lol All this for Linkin Park <3
  11. I think Joe is just trolling us at this point lol
  12. Hmm you have a point. It was in setlist A and C so it could be potentially dropped in setlist B if they do play it tonight. I guess we will just have to wait and see tonight then. I don't see it being dropped however. It was played throughout the entire European Summer Tour and at all three US shows thus far. But with LP you never know. They brought back QWERTY for gods sakes lol I just want With You to open the show
  13. I'm pretty sure that they will play With You tonight as it has been in both setlists thus far = )
  14. Time for setlist B to be revealed! lol I got a feeling though that they will play two shows setlist C (Bristow and Uncasville) then two setlist A (Mansfield and tonight) and debut setlist B at Camden. Honestly don't think they will play setlist A for one show then switch it out already. Could be wrong though. I'm going to the show in Camden so I will be a little basis towards the sets haha
  15. I don't really like Faint opening the show (Especially Tinfoil as the instrumental opening. They could pick something so much better and epic) and I don't really like Bleed It Out closing the show. BIO would be good as the last song before the encore break. Just my personal opinion though. So that is why this setlist is really putting me off. Plus I would love to see LIES, GREED, MISERY swapped for another song. Don't get me wrong I love LGM but I just want to see another song. Ether from LT or past albums.
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