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  1. Adam has done enough of these with us by now to know not to upload everything before it's meant to be seen.
  2. Mike also did a acapella verse 1 of A Place For My Head. It was awesome.
  3. Well he does whatever the fuck he wants with his songs, whether you like it or not.
  4. We reached out and asked "Supreme Overlord" is Derek from LPA and he got the confirmation.
  5. Confirmed to be fake. It wasn't meant to be released today. Vevo posted it and just hasn't taken it down. Was probably a scheduled release and they never cancelled it.
  6. Well said, Dylan. It's unfathomable. I can't believe it. It hurts.
  7. "You felt invisible I won't let you feel let down" Sounds more like "If you felt invisible I won't let you feel that now"
  8. "blessed with extraterrestrial tech and program for the organs above your necks"
  9. Studio updates aren't LPU exclusive. This is just a LPU video version of the podcast that was posted back in July. It's split up in multiple parts because ... some reason. We even got update number 7 from Chester in August.
  10. He says "their fucking song sounds dead on one of our songs"
  11. Bluestacks works to install, you can install the AXS app and the show comes up when you search for it in the app. No idea where to find the stream though..
  12. Mike just tweeted: Good news...The Raid score / soundtrack will be ready for download and purchase in the next few days. Stay tuned, and spread the word. https://twitter.com/#!/m_shinoda/status...962793087336449 So we are getting a release of the score! Excited?
  13. Mike Just tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/m_shinoda/status...962793087336449 Wohoo
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