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    i like pie. batman toys. nos energy drink. actual i don't like pie.
  1. Coming down from Bmore do see it. Got reserved tickets for xmas. unfortunately they are sideview...
  2. Here's my thing. Rather than have brad do next to nothing onstage why don't they just leave the guitars in? I haven't seen all the live footage captures of w&k but from what i did saw chester was banging away at the MPC. couldnt brad just have played it out? I understand it was created through mpc stabs but I mean for the sake of giving everyone something to do. Idk if they changed that, but its simple moments like that, that puzzle. Maybe certain songs weren't meant for guitar or dj scratching or brad phoenix singing. but if u can bring a bad ass sound that may be slightly different for the live version... why not do it?
  3. I use both ProTools and Logic. I use logic on my laptop and when i work with bands a musicians on their music I generally work on a console, and in that case I like to use ProTools. its a nice simple set up. Nothing flashy besides his virus and mpc's. only issue i have is that he doesn't have a very dry room. everything is wet due to, what sounds like poor acoustical set up of his house (which is natural.) I would have transformed his personal office with the piano into a very dry room. but i suppose it fits what he needs
  4. i like the simplicity of the video because it gives you a chance to enjoy the music itself a little bit more
  5. if this had a lil scatting in it it'd be so fucking bad ass my worst set list for lp would be...
  6. i think a mixtape is more likely from mike. i see chester featuring in songs with the guys from dead by sunrise but not really doing anything major
  7. http://www.billboard.com/charts/billboard-...s/billboard-200
  8. harford county ftw!

  9. before i start. i love ats. i love lp, im merely trying to start a discussion about something that is very possible. So I think even more so than with m2m there has been an uproar within the opinions of LP's new sound. Something that is reflected not just by the fanbase but by casual listeners as well. it's getting bad to the point that Mike has even came out with some words of his own addressing all the hate. So what does this mean for LP? The documentary kind of left off with a state of uncertainty for the band. They were all very torn down the middle about the album and it's sound and chester's speech on loving it for them doing themselves seemed merely like a band aid on a problem that could be lurking. Linkin Park has come to a point where they have made music they love but outside of themselves, it's hard to find fans. They are there, but not obvious as in the past. sure they make millions and technically shouldnt have to worry about what fans think in terms of their musical creativity, but I'm sure they will. ATS sold well because of it's anticipation for something new. It leaked out the 3 best, well rounded songs on the album and built hype and once people heard the album as a whole a lot of negativity energy dispersed. That energy I think will carry on to their next album and definitely will hurt their record sales unless they do something strong to help bring back faith within fans. The pressure no longer rests within ATS, but with the next album. What do you think is gunna happen to the band as the future progresses?
  10. is it gunna be a complete remix? or just them looping the beat and spittin over it? cuz i picture them just ryhming over it more than actual remix work
  11. number one in 14 countries. they just tbagged weezer.
  12. 2 of my favorite things. linkin park and porn. yay
  13. not bad, not bad. not a fan of the vocalist however.
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