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  1. You prolly never get on LPL anymore but I had to say man, much respect for the Justice Cross

  2. Hi XefuzioNr - I notice you have your contact details disabled, but would there be any way of getting in touch? Cheers.

  3. Confirmed by Mike in LPU chat, where's you're god now.
  4. I might be there Just need it confirmed first.
  5. Hey, aren't you that guy that said they didn't use autotune but a vocoder? But in all serious, i'm too lazy to actually find the quote where you bashed me for saying it was autotune lol.
  6. Somebody is about to lose a big amount of money soon. Not goin to call names.
  7. Wait, lpux has lyrics ?? !!!!!
  8. Too many instrumental demos
  9. For some reason i was expecting a comment exactly like this. Be honest, how can you be surprised they didn't win best rock with a album like ATS.
  10. Thats exactly what the pic is for, LPU mail is diffrent from mike's blog entry and lpu's page info. And i quote "If you want to meet the band, play our instruments, tour the backstage, see a tour bus, win signed stuff, and have generally have an awesome time, sign up today." there's no OR in there.
  11. Implying you're post of already posted info is addition to anything. But thanks for getting so angry over a picture, here's another one for you.