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  1. I dont think they played in South Carolina back in '01. It was 2000: House Of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC Not that big of a deal, just sayin.. oh and hai guys!!
  2. This video was cheesy ill be honest. I support what Chester's doing but the videos stupid. Am I the only one that thinks this?
  3. I like this "stripped down" version much more. I hope someone will post a decent rip of it when its released!
  4. Is that an acoustic version playing in the background?
  5. You're missing out on some great music! RHCP and Muse are the best out of that list, then follows Green Day I guess.. BECAUSE OF THEIR OLDER MATERIAL circa 1994-2003 (right before the band began writing American Idiot) lmao
  6. This is really cool! I want something like this for meteora
  7. I'm a happy camper. Next up: No roads left Robot boiiiii
  8. Only song that sounds interesting is Breaking The Habit. Although I'm sick of the fucking song, I'd love the acapella.
  9. Oh fuck. I'd want instrumentals and acapellas for meteora most def. But damn would I want the acapella of robot boy. Those harmonies make my ears cum every listen
  10. lmao no comments... does anyone care for these guys anymore?
  11. Dear bubble burster, quit being a fucking douche. Sincerely, LPL community
  12. Does the chorus of Lies Greed Misery sound different from the album version? Chester's vocals? EDIT: never mind, I'm just fucked up
  13. You prolly never get on LPL anymore but I had to say man, much respect for the Justice Cross

  14. Dirty whore

  15. Agreed with mark, except switch meteors and HT. Oh and LT switched with ATS lmao