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  1. Selling of my stuff listed here: http://lpcatalog.com/profile/Alexonlyalex/collection except explicitly noted. Contact me me via e-mail: yugialex@gmail.com or skype: Ehrenhaftesschweinedaemon
  2. LP also owns like 2-3 interviews to lpl, one from back in 2008.
  3. Check this out guys http://shop.lpcatalog.com/
  4. http://lpcatalog.com/item/2000_hybrid-theo...093624947752_eu
  5. Thx Wiiesel, should check my thread more often
  6. I'm making drivers license plus buying a car, I'm kinda getting hungry sometimes
  7. Unfort. not. I sold this one years ago. The links with pictures are NOT my collections.
  8. Hello guys, unfortunately I have to sell my whole LP collection. Everything in my collection was treated well and was extra sealed. You can find the whole list and my contact information here: http://pastebin.com/EwQsQNtn If you found something, propose a serious offer. Regards.
  9. In case anyone is interested, I'm selling everything on that list http://pastebin.com/EwQsQNtn Shoot me an email if there's anything you need!
  10. Linkin Park members families and the need of sleep are holding up the album.
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