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  1. It's just a remix, and it's not a big deal like a part of something big like Reanimation or Recharged. I don't care that much. It was a fun one. Most of the remixes for rock/metal songs these days are awful, but this one sounded fine to me. If they keep putting out new remixes, it's gonna be a great opportunity for a lot of artists to be introduced to people via Linkin Park, and I totally support that. I get what you mean by that, there are some obvious similarities with the vocals. However, BMTH's song with Babymetal is a production masterpiece! I don't think it will. I guess it was just something with added sound effects to make it feel like a trailer song. There are things like this in almost every movie or game trailer.
  2. Exactly. I think By Myself could've been a perfect fit for FEVER 333. I'm not sure about grandson, though. Runaway, maybe? The other problem I have is, I'm a huge fan of FEVER 333. Their 2019 album is one of my all-time favorites. Awesome live band, too. Very underrated. But now a lot of people are gonna recognize them based on this not really good cover song.
  3. I didn't like it at all. Maybe it's because not every song is made to be remixed.
  4. The numbers are completely what I expected. APFMH, as great as it is, is definitely not as huge as the singles from that album.
  5. This was a great interview. I love it when fan sites do interviews because they ask questions about stuff that fans really want to know about. I hope we get the entire 2014 footage one day. That show was on fire. One of the most epic performances in the band's history.
  6. I know. I said that based on the fact that they probably already have a few songs ready, and that they're more experienced this time. I just hope they don't rush anything and make an awesome product like the first album.
  7. I don't think it's a good idea to release the sequel sooner than 2022. Amends is still hot and fresh. They did a great job on the first one, I hope they do even better on the second and learn from their experiences, especially on the promotion.
  8. Joe did a remix on one of the best FFDP songs? This better not suck!
  9. I won't get too excited about this. Probably gonna be some already released songs.
  10. The songs on that LPTV are: Stick And Move (from LPU 9) Blue (from LPU 11) Sad (from LPU 9) And One (from HT EP) I think the one you were asking is Blue
  11. I think everybody should watch this. Perfect chat that goes deeply into this whole release. Thank you, guys.
  12. I thought the only video I'd seen from Projekt Revolution 2002 was One Step Closer from Colorado Springs, but then I realized there was another one, too. So I checked and looked into my files and found My December from Valley Center. I think I think at this point I'm way more excited about the PR '02 DVD than Forgotten Demos!
  13. She Couldn't has always been one of my favorite unreleased songs. It feels really good to finally be able to listen to it in high quality.
  14. I never thought there'd be a day that I see She Couldn't be in the headlines of different music websites!
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