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  1. I hope that they designed it very smart. I don't like stuff like this to be revealed before they're supposed to. We probably should wait and see what pops up in upcoming days. If it was there, we'd probably figured it out by now. But anyway, I'm so hyped for this!
  2. I got a feeling that DF3 is gonna be even better. The music keeps getting better and better on his streams imo, especially in the last couple months.
  3. I think I like DF1 more. Some tracks here are really good though. Astral, Transitions are probably the top ones for me. and of course I LOVE PARTY MEOW LOL
  4. Papa Roach's 20-year anniversary for Infest was really cool with livestream and all the guests. I hope LP would do something even cooler than that for Hybrid Theory. Very excited.
  5. I like these videos as what they are, "fan-made videos". The video feels cringey to me, but hey, I'm not able to make what they made, so good job to those guys.
  6. I remember "Warrior" was the working title for War. But "Warriors" gotta be something new, I guess.
  7. I love this entire thing with Open Door. Not every artist do that.
  8. This remix is golden! I love it!
  9. Their 2006 performance is one of my favorites ever. 2013 was also cool. I didn't like the camera work on some of the sources, though. I hope we get a decent webcast with songs other than the ones we already have the footage of.
  10. I like this song a lot, anyway. It would be a really cool LPU track. They probably have a lot of OML demos with vocals. I just hope they put them out one day in proper way not them being leaked like this.
  11. Cool remix. Very nice of him.
  12. HE ANSWERED MY QUESTION! God, I'm so happy now!
  14. I LOVE FEVER 333! I'm a huge fan. Y'all should give their album STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS a listen. It's such a banger. I hope some good shit happen with this. Jason's solo or Fever's next album, I'm super excited for it anyway.
  15. This entire promotion for this album has been funny as hell! Such a disaster! I can't be mad about anything wrong they've done anymore, I'm just laughing that it's all so messed up! 🤣
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