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  1. Selling of my stuff listed here: http://lpcatalog.com/profile/Alexonlyalex/collection except explicitly noted. Contact me me via e-mail: yugialex@gmail.com or skype: Ehrenhaftesschweinedaemon
  2. LP also owns like 2-3 interviews to lpl, one from back in 2008.
  3. Check this out guys http://shop.lpcatalog.com/
  4. http://lpcatalog.com/item/2000_hybrid-theo...093624947752_eu
  5. Thx Wiiesel, should check my thread more often
  6. I'm making drivers license plus buying a car, I'm kinda getting hungry sometimes
  7. Unfort. not. I sold this one years ago. The links with pictures are NOT my collections.
  8. Hello guys, unfortunately I have to sell my whole LP collection. Everything in my collection was treated well and was extra sealed. You can find the whole list and my contact information here: http://pastebin.com/EwQsQNtn If you found something, propose a serious offer. Regards.
  9. In case anyone is interested, I'm selling everything on that list http://pastebin.com/EwQsQNtn Shoot me an email if there's anything you need!
  10. Linkin Park members families and the need of sleep are holding up the album.
  11. expect lots of hate from bazinga!
  12. LoL, im starting to believe that warner spent more money on promotion, than they had earned on the songs.
  13. Need more german shows. LP GO GERMANY
  14. Mark damn, its supposed to be 4,8,15,16,23,42
  15. If they wanted, they could write 10 #1 albums, but since they are rich they couldnt care less. Instead they wanna make albums which they can be happy about. End of the story.
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