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"Fire" Is Available!


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From LinkinPark.com: "Chester Bennington's Dead By Sunrise will release their debut album on October 13, but you can pre-order it NOW on iTunes! If you pre-order the album, not only will you get "Morning After" and a live version of "Crawl Back In" as bonus tracks, you'll also be able to download "Fire" instantly! Click HERE to pre-order the album now!"


You can also just buy Fire separately for $1.29. Thanks for the heads up Adam!


Go get "Fire"!!


Edit: The song can be heard on DBSMySpace too, check it out HERE

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HELL YES. i love how this just came out of nowhere.

Me too. I was sitting there like "Well, time to go to bed...bored as hell" and BAM FIRE. I love it when this kind of shit happens.


Chorus vocals are layered like a damn wedding cake...too layered (robot chorus, much?) and there's too much keyboard in the mix BUT,


this is one of my favorite Chester vocal performances I've heard. I really like this song. Solid work. Bridge guitar is really cool...the bridge fucking gets NASTY. SWEET track.

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