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  1. Nice! Trying to see if I can get something started in Kentucky... If anyone wants to help me let me know! I'm trying to figure it out, but I don't even know how to start haha. Sent this out a little bit ago. https://twitter.com/BrandonR24/status/961320540152717312 https://twitter.comhttps://twitter.com/BrandonR24/status/961320540152717312/BrandonR24https://twitter.com/BrandonR24/status/961320540152717312/status/961320540152717312
  2. I think a 5 piece Fort Minor would be good. I'll be cool either way. I just want to hear the guys playing again one day.
  3. I had to hear this on the radio. I was at work and the DJ was saying "with a heavy heart..." and I'm thinking they are joking about some couple breaking up. Then I hear "Chester Bennington...(well you know the rest)" I felt like collapsing. I thought it was fake. I pull out my phone to tons of texts saying "I'm so sorry man" and so on. Jeeze. This hits like a ton of bricks. Lost my grandmother in September, lost my Dad in March. One More Light(the song) helped me get through it. Now I'm listening to it in mourning of the guy who sings it. No band has ever gave me the anticipation of new music like Linkin Park. Wondering whats next, what LPU tracks we will get, and so on. I'm going to miss the ever loving crap out of Chaz. I can't believe I've been sobbing for a guy that I don't truly know, but was a huge part of my life for so long. The fact we will never see any new videos, music, tweets, or whatever else from him just is surreal. I hope his family, friends, Mike, Brad, Rob, Dave, all find some peace in this. It's so heartbreaking. This is the best statement I saw. He is THE voice to me as well. Great post
  4. 250 for Riverbend... Premium Package. No other option.
  5. Already looking meh. Seeing a lot of people having issues. I got group 2 for Cinci and I'm in the LPU, but they said LPU would be group 1 or 2. Just hope I get a pit spot.
  6. I can't find it anymore, but Riverbend Music Center posted this.
  7. Oh my God, thanks for sharing this! This awesome!!
  8. I like the CD this year. Not the best, but I really enjoy Can' Hurt Me. Would've liked to hear some vocals on it! Dark Crystal got me in the zone haha, I was at the gym as I listened to the new LPU and this one surprised me. Bleed It Out kind of disappointed me because I was anticipating it to be one of those 'complete demo' songs they have on the LPU CD's, glad we got a new Shinoda rap, that is cool. Also a different idea of how the bridge could've sounded. Consequences A & B were really good especially once the melody kicked in, A sounds better, but I like B because it's a bit longer. Lies Greed Misery (Demo) reminded me of a Kanye track for some reason with Mikes gibberish delivery, I actually kind of dig it. Could have been a cool intro honestly. Symphonies of Light would have probably been the real end to ATS or a transition to The Messenger. It's short, but cool to hear it.
  9. I really think it's the social media takeover. Forums just aren't as crazy as they used to be. Also I think the hype for the last album was weak. I liked the idea of putting GATS out to the public out of nowhere, but after that there was really nothing to hype up people outside of the fanbase. Then the music video came out and it was a video game nobody cared about. I think the momentum died quickly. I recently got a new job and I have my autographed vinyl of The Hunting Party hanging in my office and people see it and go "Who is that?" I say Linkin Park and automatically they go "Aw crap I love them! They are one of my favorites! I jam In the End and Faint all the time." I'm like, well they must be fans of the first two records. So I ask if they have heard of The Hunting Party, and one time I literally got the answer, "Didn't they break up when the rapper went solo?' So I have the feeling they just don't have the appeal right now. So not many people venture out to Linkin Park sites to discuss something they aren't noticing. If LP wanted to get back into the limelight I think they could, but I really think they just do what they love rather than just appeal to a bazillion people. (Although I was surprised that Final Masquerade didn't shake up the billboard charts.)
  10. Interesting haha. Chester definitely went for a different approach here. Cool to hear it, but kinda just alright. Animals is still my favorite for now!
  11. Loving Animals, it took a couple listens to get sold on Chance of Rain, I really like the ending with the harmonizing. Those two songs alone were good enough for me, the others are cool to hear what they might have been working on though, Good LPU, got the $10 package cause i'm broke haha.
  12. Top 100 on iTunes. Wooo, and the song is free online haha.
  13. I've only listened a couple of times, but this version is awesome. I still think I perfer the original, but this version is still sexy. I could almost see it in a movie trailer.
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