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  1. Young Buck http://www.djbooth.net/index/interviews/entry/young-buck-interview/ http://www.mtv.com/news/1555062/track-by-track-young-buck-says-g-unit-are-alive-and-well-on-world/
  2. i know but people still complained , alot of people actually
  3. 1. No Roads Left Chester Version 2. "Thoughts that take away my pride" meteora demo 3. Joe Hahns New Divide demo from lptv 4. Pictureboard 5. My December (Team Sleep Remix) 6. HQ Crawling Demo (like Esaul from LPU 11) 7. HQ By Myself Demo (like Esaul from LPU 11) 8. Joe Hahn Instrumental 9. Last MTM b-side 10. Poppy THP demo i know a lot of people didnt like the older hybrid theory demos we already had taking up a slot on past lpu releases but i was very disappointed when they stopped releasing them i want to recreate the 9 track demo with high quality-ness B )
  4. if LP were to make a metalcore album or something heavier than The hunting party i could die happy B )
  5. yeahhh B ) 1. Pts.Of.Athrty (The Crystal Method Remix) 2. What I've Done (M. Shinoda Remix) 3. The Catalyst (featuring NoBraiN) 4. L.O.A.T.R. (M. Shinoda Remix) 5. Buy Myself (Marilyn Manson Remix)
  6. I went to the lpu meet and greet when LP came to Dallas recently. i had them sign my htep and i asked mike what the song after part of me was called. he looked confused and said "uhmm i dont think it has a name i think its just called part of me".
  7. HT EP: And One HT: Points Of Authority, Papercut, Cure For The Itch Reanimation: Buy Myself, By_Myslf, Kyur4 Th Ich Meteora: Session, Easier To Run, From The Inside MTM: No Roads Left, In Pieces, Bleed It Out ATS: When They Come For Me, The Catalyst, Burning In The Skies LT: Until It Breaks, Castle Of Glass, Lies Greed Misery Recharged: A Light That Never Comes, I'll Be Gone (Vice Remix), Castle Of Glass (M. Shinoda Remix) LPU (2-13): Stick And Move, Across The Line, Sold My Soul To Yo Mama Favorite live song (only one): Qwerty Collaborations: Walking Dead TOP FIVE: 1. Until It Breaks 2. Stick And Move 3. When They Come For Me 4. The Catalyst 5. No Roads Left dont know if No Roads Left and Buy Myself break the rules sorry.
  8. 1. Super Xero Demo (HQ) 2. Crawling Demo (HQ) 3. No Roads Left Chester Version 4. Meteora "thoughts that take away my pride" song 5. My December (Team Sleep Remix) 6. Pictureboard 7. Leave Out All The Rest Mike Version 8. Mr. Hahn Remix 9. Meteora Remix 10. New Divide Demo from lptv
  9. songs that will definitely get more rotation: 01 Basquiat [2007 DEMO] - sounds like that interlude between sotd and wid 02 Holding Company [2011 DEMO] 03 Primo [i’LL BE GONE - LONGFORM 2010 DEMO] 05 Cumulus [2002 DEMO] - another awesome meteora instrumental 09 Foot Patrol [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.2] - i LOVE until it breaks, cool to hear this 10 Three Band Terror [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.3] - see Foot Patrol. i think brad should sing more 11 Truth Inside A Lie (BY RYAN GILES) [LPU SESSIONS 2013] decent at best, occasional playback: 04 Hemispheres [2011 DEMO] 06 Pretty Birdy [sOMEWHERE I BELONG 2002 DEMO] - disappointed it didnt have lyrics 07 Universe [2006 DEMO] - i can finally try to enjoy this without hearing lupe fiasco 08 Apaches [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.1] - the weird howling sound kind of ruins it for me probably will never play again: 12 Change (BY BETA STATE) [LPU SESSIONS 2013] overall pretty okay cd. disappointed there was no high quality Super zero or crawling demos. i thought for sure those would be released based on lpu 11 & 12. one thing that irks me though is how LP arent consistent with those song titles year after year!! the year comes before the word demo now. unreleased coming before the word demo on some and not others. brackets instead of parenthesis now. i know it sounds dumb but it bothers me
  10. Soundtrack (Meteora Demo) Pts.Of.Athrty (The Crystal Method Remix) Sold My Soul To Yo Mama Across The Line I Have Not Begun (Demo 2009) What I've Done (M. Shinoda Remix) No Roads Left Issho Ni Debris (Minutes To Midnight Demo) Not Alone
  11. thank you for informing me, i never knew this
  12. my lpu 13 wishlist Mr. Hahn Instrumental Super Xero (By Myself Demo) HQ Crawling (Demo) HQ Instrumental heard here at 0:29 My December (Team Sleep Remix) No Roads Left (Chester's Vocal Take) A Thousand Suns Demo New Divide Demo heard here at 1:13 Thoughts That Take Away My Pride (Meteora Demo) Somewhere I Belong (Demo)
  13. Michael

    LPU Video Chat

    of course i am, just missed the chat thank you!!!
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