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  1. Pecan603

    Live Setlists

    I see plenty of bands live who don't rotate their setlists. Why should LP have to? Talk about ungrateful. Some of you really know how to make the Linkin Park fan base look bad. Wow. The band doesn't owe you SHIT.
  2. It's just static you guys. Obviously you have to keep checking the link for updates... It's probably a tacky way of unveiling their new album cover or something.
  3. My question was hardly stupid but your reply sure was! Carry on.
  4. What was the point of adding a separate section to the forums for Julien-k related stuff if you're posting stuff about Julien-K in Newswire? Doesn't make much sense to me lol. If it all was kept in the Julien-K section then no one would complain. Simple.
  5. Pecan603

    Lots of New JK

    Could you possibly learn to take criticism without making a member feel completely worthless? I mean, the person does have a point.
  6. Pecan603


    I can't believe you are a moderator and yet you are saying stupid shit like this. You do realize how much of a "douche" you made yourself look right there, right? What a shame. Grow up.
  7. You guys are late. The info is already out on this.
  8. Wow. 4-5 minute songs. ~huge leap for LP~ Seems like this album is taking forever.
  9. As far as I know, DBS never confirmed the Paris show, but it was confirmed by BandMerch's twitter page. And if they are playing Paris, which I am sure they are, Chester can just hop on a plane back to CA. It's really not that hard.
  10. Pecan603

    Inside Of Me!

    If it's leaked, I can't find it.
  11. Pecan603

    Inside Of Me!

    Lyric-wise, there is.
  12. Pecan603

    Inside Of Me!

    After listening to this song a few more times, I don't like it anymore. It just sounds like a typical Linkin Park song. Where's the separation? It's not there. Can Chester stray away from the angsty lyrics please? Some of us are grown up now, which I wish he would do. I love Linkin Park and DBS but both groups sound the same. I was hoping for something new and/or refreshing.
  13. The lyric "What the hell is wrong with me" makes me think of "Given Up". Other than that, kick ass song. It's probably the best one released so far.
  14. Is anyone ripping this? Am I allowed to ask that here? lol.
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