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Mike Shinoda Confirms New Solo Album

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In a series of social media posts beginning on Twitter and ending on Instagram, Mike said he plans to meet up with fans very shortly in Hollywood tonight near the old Tower Records building to film part of a new music video.


On Twitter, he began with, "I feel like meeting up with you guys later tonight" and added "literally in person."


In his Instagram post, he said, "Who wants to meet up and be in a music video? Im shooting something for my solo album at 8:30 in Hollywood tonight. In 45 minutes. Roll thru."


With Mike being spotted in a recording studio very recently, it was no surprise that new music was being recorded... but a solo album is big news. We wrote an article on March 1 about Mike being in the studio with Ethan Mates (long time LP recording engineer) and Brad Delson, with a possible Phoenix appearance being made as well.


We will keep the thread updated with more information tonight as it becomes available!






- Mike played the new song for everyone but requested that they turn their phones off.

- "I love to make art and I love to make music, and one reason I get to do that is because of you guys. I am just really, really grateful for that."

- "I have been writing songs in the moment. As I went on, not every song was a sad song. And they've been about a lot of things. I've started to put them together and it looks like it'll be an album. It isn't an album about grief, but it starts there."


New song:

- 3-3.5 mins long

- Personal lyrics but optimistic

- No rapping, kind of similar to One More Light sound

- Song grows, think of how Shadow of the Day builds throughout the song

- Cool drum beat

- Song will not be heard for a while as Mike is still making music

- Played song via Bluetooth speaker for fans

- Mike played the song twice for everyone

- Song was very catchy so fans were able to sing along with the chorus the second time he played it

- The video shoot was impromptu and was done spur of the moment

- Asked that fans not record it

- Possible video shooting happened later in the night at The Roxy

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Nice! It's cool we are a getting a full album from Mike. Fans are gonna be super happy. That's what I thought Brad was doing in the studio that day, it was similar to how he was in the studio with Mike a few times for The Rising Tied.

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Oh damn hahaha. The LP paparazzi caught me twinning it up with Mike!


Still have the chorus looping in my head. Suuuuuper catchy. We’re in for a treat with this album.


You're the one who wear the same shirt like Mike? OMG! hahaha. can't wait to hear the new song.

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To those hearing the new song, what kinda song it is?

There's rapping or not?

And also someone know where the song and the album gonna be released?


Alright bear with me here, I'm pretty tired after a day at work and being outside with fellow fans. Not to mention this was played in the middle of a ~50 person circle with a bluetooth speaker. I'll try my best to describe it but i'm not the best at describing music. I'll try hard to not misrepresent what we heard. I'll jot down my thoughts as they come to me:



-The song does not have rapping. This is more along the lines of what we've heard on One More Light (but it's definitely a Mike and not LP song).


-The song is about 3 to 3.5 minutes long at most. It doesn't overstay it's welcome and definitely feels like the perfect length.


-The chorus is super catchy! It's still repeating in my head. Mike played the song twice and dared us to try and sing along the second time. We were all able to nail the chorus right away.


-The bridge has this really cool drum sounding beat that kicks in. It gave me the same feeling I got when I first heard the New Divide bridge. It comes at you almost unexpectedly and mixes up the sound of the song in a new way. It's a highlight of the song for me.


-This song has a lot of common elements we've heard from Mike and LP. Things like the song growing in sound as it progresses. Think of how songs like Heavy, Iridescent, and Shadow of the Day have their instrumentals get bigger as it goes on. In addition, Mike sings the chorus acapella/with quiet instrumentals (I couldn't really tell between the two) just before the final chorus kicks back in with the music (i.e. Heavy, Final Masquerade).


-Not sure if i'm allowed to share the name of the song or some lyrics. What I can say is that this song continues the intimate approach that we got with Post Traumatic. Personal lyrics but delivered with an optimistic, almost upbeat sound is how i'd describe the song overall.


-Don't expect to hear it anytime soon. Mike said it's going to be a while before anyone gets to hear it. The version we heard was not mixed or mastered. It was Mike's own mix. Still sounded great though!



Alright! That's everything that I can remember off the top of my head. It went by so fast!

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Awesome news! So glad that Mike is making music and I'm so pleased that he's interacting with the fans in this way. He has always been keen to speak to fans and engage, but I am hopeful for the future in the ways he's spending more and more time with us all. I hope LP (in whatever form) can become even more fan-engaged as time goes on. They're going to need us more and more, and vice versa.

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I wonder if he’ll have guest features like he did with the FM stuff. I can already see people like Machine Gun Kelly and shit on there.


What on earth makes you think that Mike will make an album, presumably about moving on from the loss of Chester, would bring on someone who doesn't believe understands the same feelings he'll be singing about, assuming he brings on anyone in the first place? Get your head out of your ass and stop complaining.



New LPU17 album he can't make and release but recording new songs he can do.


You try sifting through hours upon hours of hard work you made with one of your best friends for more than two decades who died by suicide.

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What on earth makes you think that Mike will make an album, presumably about moving on from the loss of Chester, would bring on someone who doesn't believe understands the same feelings he'll be singing about, assuming he brings on anyone in the first place? Get your head out of your ass and stop complaining.


How about Syn and M. Shadows?

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How about Syn and M. Shadows?


They know how it feels to lose someone they poured their hearts out with, so I would not be opposed. Not sure if they'd fit with this project's aesthetic though, but I'm open to it. I personally don't see Mike going out to collab on this one, this feels like something he wants to, and perhaps needs to, do by himself.

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