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  1. Man...all these negative comments about Germany...Seriously, I would like to see other countries (South west europe, South east europe and eastern europe) getting the same love as we get here but almost hating a country for having a large fan base is undescribale
  2. Nice....even though the Oberhausen show is 2 days prior to my exam I will go to the show there
  3. Probably the first time Mike was so vocal during the bridge You can slightly hear his voice during the bridge,, Would be interesting to hear him alone I mean, he shouldn't care too much an just give it a try. No one would blame him if it doesn't sound too good
  4. Yep...he did the first verse like once or twice and then dropped it...When he played the first verse you could see his emotions in his eyes which is kind of rare for Mike. He was mentally fucked
  5. Well...he's probably not confident enough to play without? I don't know but Linkin Park did it for Talking To Myself throughout the tour as well.
  6. Man, Sharp Edges is great. Matt has a damn good voice! Somehow it makes me realize that Mike definitely needs help and support for certain songs and throughout an 1hr 30min show
  7. May I present you: Mike Shinoda of LP during Until It Breaks in Vienna 2018
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0GT5pqFonQ Damn...the hell is going on with him. Way too much energy
  9. Since Mike is touring with some supporting staff (especially Matt as his vocal/guitar/keyboard support), I would like to revisit this thread. I guess we can all agree that Mike's vocal performances has been getting better and better from each show (Look Castle of Glass) and that has something to do with not having to everything on stage. I feel like this is one of the better solutions for a possible future of LP and wether it's Matt or Jon - LP definitely has a better chance of going back on stage while having an additional vocalist in the background, who can free Mike from doing everything.
  10. I like how Mike gives both Dan and Matt the whole stage and play Running From My Shadow completely alone, which results in the end of the show. This is a sign of respect for me if you play as "Mike Shinoda" and you let your supporting staff play alone on such a big stage. Props!
  11. I feel like if LP performs in the furture, they need another guys who is used to sing and can help Mike with some backing vocal's. I'm not sure if the other 4 can handle some backing vocals, but you see how much better Mike sounds if he hasn't had to do everything Whatsoever, Mike is getting better and better and as I said earlier the stream quality was on point.
  12. Aaaand the quality of this stream is on point !
  13. Nobody's talking about Step Up? I mean, he can do it alone and its quite a heavy song with some heavy rapping. I would like to see him performing it again after years
  14. What a setlist...damn, I hope he uses this one for the upcoming Europe shows!
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