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  1. Listened to too much Rammstein the last days so I'm not in the right mood for such a song. Probably check it out later 😄
  2. My December and She Couldn't in 2017 would sound outdated as hell...those songs perfectly fit in their respected time period
  3. It’s a song against all those hates saying, they went soft with MTM and the follow ups while She Couldn’t is one of the softest and poppiest songs in the LP Catalog...and it’s from even before they exploded internationally
  4. Hardcore Fans have...the majority of the fans out there don’t know a single bit about songs from the Xero era
  5. Which is, technically, new music...just 20 Years old but new to us, cause we never heard some of it... I guess saying....JUst because it's 20 Years old doesn't mean it's not new? Sounds weird but it is true
  6. Pictureboard is techincally new music, even when we already heard snippets from their live performances
  7. Of course but imagine a kickass show in LA or whatever, or a whole tour dedicated to this
  8. You can't even think about what would've/could've happen if 20th July didn't happen...but we should be proud and thankful for what they are doing
  9. Well Transitions is a typical LP demo - buildup until the guitar and the beat kicks in. We have so many demos which are similiar but they are nice to listen to while working or reading.
  10. Hoping for A Line In The Sand being broadcasted
  11. you are not alone...really irritating when he sings along in the video and it's clearly Chester's voice... If those vocals were really Jaimes than it would be really interesting to see him sing some LP songs
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