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  1. Hi everyone - it has been a LOOOONG time. I saw this today: https://imusic.uk/music/0823564038346/linkin-park-2024-transmission-impossible-cd; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transmission-Impossible-3Cd-Linkin-Park/dp/B0D5J6C1GY?source=ps-sl-shoppingads-lpcontext&ref_=fplfs&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE Was wondering if anyone knows anything about it?
  2. This is just insane. I never would have imagined something like this would exist. EVER. WAAAAAY surpassed expectations, even for LP. Genuinely quite emotional. Been a while since I've posted here... since Chester died it's been hard to engage or even listen to LP but man, has this brought me back. FUCK YES.
  3. Awesome news! So glad that Mike is making music and I'm so pleased that he's interacting with the fans in this way. He has always been keen to speak to fans and engage, but I am hopeful for the future in the ways he's spending more and more time with us all. I hope LP (in whatever form) can become even more fan-engaged as time goes on. They're going to need us more and more, and vice versa.
  4. http://newsthump.com/2017/07/20/world-feels-so-numb/
  5. I don't know where to even start guys. Please seek help if you feel like Chester's death is too close to home, and please keep an eye on each other. We are all a Linkin Park family, look out for each other out there. It's a painful world. Goodbye Chester... I'm so sorry life couldn't be there for you...
  6. Indeed we did see Stormzy make an appearance! We also had Hands Held High verse 1 and RTN over something I've now forgotten lol - too good a night!
  7. Probably anywhere between 4 and 5pm and you should be alright - a lot of people will be coming from work.
  8. So looking forward to tonight! I'll be there too, grey jeans, and will be wearing the LP football jersey merch top from 2014 (I think it was 2014...).
  9. Super bummed out that they announce things like this with such a long break in between - cannot afford two gigs in two days Ah well, I'll be at the O2 with all of you that are going!
  10. It's quite unlike LP to announce dates in the UK that's like only 3 months after their announcement. I hate the fact that Ticketmaster are always the ones selling these bloody tickets. Wonder what sort of charge they've got this time, £4.95 to print at home, £2.50 per click of mouse, and £10.99 to cover the administrative costs of the previous two charges. EDIT: Radio X here in the UK will be running a comp to win a pair of tickets to LP gigs here in the UK from 5th to 6th April and they list two O2 Arena dates in the competition T&Cs: http://www.radiox.co.uk/terms-conditions/radio-x-linkin-park-online-apr17/#OhIV5Tyw4Bpsr2ex.97
  11. EEK I have been waiting for this. Please pick me, Warner. I'll be your friend!
  12. I honestly think this will be judged completely differently in the context of the album around it.
  13. Jesus that give me everything package is SO expensive. Fuck me. Let's charge everyone more money for stuff when they have less money than they did before. Clever.
  14. I think it's a bit odd out of context of the wider album - it'll hopefully flow more when it's surrounded by other music. I like it - it's different, sure, but it's good different. I'm glad they're trying something new. Why the fuck not? Kiiara is great, better than I thought she would be. Would have liked more harmony between her and Chester, but they're right. It still sounds like Linkin Park.
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