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Chester Tribute Show, Guests, & More

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They probably won't play obscure tracks like that. It will probably be mostly singles that are performed, IMO. I could see A7X on GATS, that would be epic, and Mike could rap Rakim's verse, etc. Jonathan Davis is basically confirmed to be doing OSC. Kiiara will most definitely do Heavy. Ryan Key possibly WID. MGK possibly BIO. I think it will be a majority of singles. Someone might do Crawling.


If MGK appears during BIO then they need another singer for that one

Oli & MGK would be great for it.

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For Crawling, I think they're gonna perform the piano version. I wonder if they're gonna perform Breaking The Habit or not. If yes, then who's gonna sing on it?

Part of me wants to say that song is sacred and nobody should sing it, but honestly I know thats not my right to say something like that. I just cant think of anyone who would truly do it justice.

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I'm confident people will record it, for sure. Like Astat said, it's up to the user livestreaming it if they want it to be archived or not, but Linkin Park has archived their livestream stuff in the past with Facebook videos, etc. Maybe they will do it here, too. If not, I'm sure someone will record it, or many people. I'm gonna tune in to the livestream while it happens unless I have something preventing me from doing so.

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It truly is an event I've never seen another band do in the history of music. LP is a HUGE band. Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, etc never did anything like this. It's going to be really great and is one of the most respectful things I've heard of in music.

Only thing i've ever seen like it was Queens tribute show to Freddie in 91. What an amazing show of respect.
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