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  1. Is there any way to tell on your order confirmation if you got it? I ordered it so fast I didnt even notice that was an option!
  2. Looks like Blink-182 will be performing WID? http://loudwire.com/blink-182-matt-skiba-rehearses-linkin-park-chester-bennington-tribute/
  3. Song is good, but I think Mike sounds awesome on it. Amazing how much stronger/different his vocals sound on this compared to No Roads Left. Also, am I the only one who thinks the instrumental part of the song sounds similar to that beat Mike made on the Linkin Log a couple years ago?
  4. My thoughts exactly. Is this on par with what similar acts are charging for their shows? It's so damn expensive to be a LP fan!
  5. Am I the only one that finds it odd that LP only has 1 opening act for the majority of the shows on this tour? I cant recall a tour that they only had 1 opening act. I wonder if this means a longer LP set or if they will be adding someone else later?
  6. Just finishing my first run through the whole album. There was several points throughout that I almost didn't believe it was LP performing. So awesome to hear them trying new things, but also sticking to what they are good at. The interludes were an unexpected surprise, as well as the fact that there really wasnt a "slow/soft" song on the album (not counting The Summoning). My only critism is how familiar ALITS sounds like GATS. I would be surprised if we go through this touring cycle without seeing all of these songs performed live. Cant wait to see them live. Chester and Mike sound as good as ever!
  7. While listening to my local radio station in Minnesota this morning, 93x, the DJ said that Linkin Park is releasing a computer game in September and that you can unlock songs from Mike. Just wondering if this has been mentioned or just another unconfirmed rumor
  8. Everyone keeps talking about the intro of the song, but am I the only one more surprised by the ending of the song. By far the furthest sounding thing from "typical" LP in the whole song imo
  9. I wonder if they would use this song to open shows on the upcoming tour... The intro would be similar to how they usually have some sort of extended intro to open their shows.
  10. Exactly. These two sing completly different styles of rock music. I understand where dave comes from when he says stuff like that, but again that is just where he comes from and who he is. to say he is a horrible vocalist is stupid. the man can sing with the best and is an amazing song writer. any foo fighters album will show you that. that doesnt give him the right to rip a band like LP though who has done their own fair share of amazing things. sad that he cant recognize that.
  11. It really kind of upsets me that Dave said that about LP. I have always been a huge fan of him and never realized he ever said that. But i also have to assume that when Mike called bullshit, he was referring to when Dave said it. If he said it back in 2005, I would have to assume he meant for that time. Dave obviously cant see into the future. also, I was the one who kept calling out minnesota when everyone was saying russia and other countries. mike made a comment about it lol!
  12. im planning on road triping down from minnesota for the show. assuming my new job lets me....
  13. I have a feeling that the people who loved ATS arent going to like this album as much as the people who didnt like it. I have to say I really like how they mixed old and new. The lyrics bring me back to HT and Meteora, and the beat is really cool despite the lack of guitars (even though the heavy synth reminds me of heavy LP guitars). I really am impressed with the album cover and I think it perfectly fits what this album is supposed to be. The "Soldier" breaking its shell. I think it looks awesome and is a great metaphore for where LP is at right now. All I can say is I cant wait for 6/26!
  14. I hope for more than 12 actual songs, not 12 songs but 4 of them being 30 second transition songs. So glad I dont have classes tomorrow!
  15. if linkin park does a colab with nicki manaj, i will never listen to them again! or justin beiber for that matter!!! LOL!!!
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