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  1. If its any solace, I have respect for Oli since his performance. I thought he rocked it, and i've never had anything but bad names to say about the man (even told him to go f**k himself twice in chance meetings) what i saw from Oli was amazing. He sang the hell out of that song, and i noticed him 'channeling' Chester a lot. The way he moved and acted. He has my respect now, the stream was condemning but i watched the videos and it doesnt seem like he was lip-syncing to me. It seems like he is telling the truth here.
  2. Only thing i've ever seen like it was Queens tribute show to Freddie in 91. What an amazing show of respect.
  3. That was an amazing concert. I will always miss Chester, from the bottom of my heart. He was my idol, and a true rockstar. I miss the old days, this site was my life for the longest time. Miss you guys. I for one, would love to see LP tour with M Shadows. He fits right in and was amazing. Oli Sykes absolutely nailed Crawling too, nd i've never really liked him. Fantastic send off for Chester, so glad I was able to stream it, but a shame I couldn't have been there with you all. Here's to Chester 🍻
  4. I think it is a brilliant album. Gun to my head, War would have to be my favorite. The chunkiness and heaviness with the flow of Chesters singing... wow. Ill admit the drum patterns same very much the same in almost every song which diminishes it abit song-through-song, but id still call this their best album since MTM. Possibly better. So happy with this (and happy to see my account is still active, hehe) added note: once the touring cycle for this album kicks off properly, i hope they work LOATR into their performances of Final Masquerade. I feel like theyll work brilliantly together, and id hate for LOATR to be left behind.
  5. first of all: LOL! at the guy who said live in texas and rtr werent edited, you should be a comedian. to all the people who are saying chesters voice isnt what it used to be, you are of course right. the guy has been going insane (in studio and on stage) screaming his damn lungs out, always trying to put in his best, for ten years! lets see any singer do that, voiceboxes, same as everything else in life, are always going to have wear and tear. its to be expected. chesters voice is still amazing i think. name one other singer who sounds like him? not to mention all the health problems the guy has had, and personal problems, we should think ourselves lucky hes still getting up there. im sick of people sitting there bitching about bands and how theyre not as good as they used to be, if ya dont think theyre as good, dont listen to it. simple as that. listen to what ya like. thats my 2 cents worth anyway.
  6. jay z seems too obvious to me, though it would be awesome, last time he came here he brought chris cornell, who was really famous in his prime (still arguably just as much so now), so it could be just about anyone. i cant wait got my ticket last week, going to be awesome
  7. gotta love the old location lucky i joined ages ago
  8. the reanimated bridge for one step closer, with the PR07 intro! no outro....the intro they used for numb at RAR! id love for them to occasionally go back to v1 for wake! extended bridge on APFMH with the whole "if someone falls down in the pit" speech...
  9. if its mike or chester, thats the end of the band, there irreplacable, and the other members, sure there all good, but there are better DJs, better guitarists etc out there, they could easily be replaced, it would never be the same though. lets not think about it haha
  10. i honestly did not like his music, but i admit his influence on many different genres of music was amazing. i am not saddened by his death in the slightest (as i am a believer of the allegations placed against him a few years ago) but the music scene will not be the same with out him.
  11. PLEASE tell me someone will be recording! also, are they planning on doing the make up show for the people in las vegas from last year?
  12. i think its fucking great! too bad that myspace playback is fucking shit! when the video becomes available as a high quality dvd rip then i will get all excited to see it in good quality
  13. dont you realise no one here likes you? has being banned like 13 times not goten through to you that there is no more 2003 audio? get a life

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