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  1. I was glad that they didnt censor the swears show was kick-ass
  2. Thumbs up for Mike tremolo picking We need more. The quality is quite awesome.
  3. Im betting that theyre gonna play in kuwait and/or iraq.
  4. LOL at the posts..... Go fucking listen to disturbed or A7x, if you really hate the snippets. I think they are all listenable, it kinda sound like Black eyed peas influenced stuff, which is something I really like. So bravo LP!
  5. There was an interview where brad talked spanish.
  6. I would to see brad doing all of that shit live! He sounds good!
  7. Who ever lives in Europe, your gonna have to wait for it till sunset-midnight, it will probably be the right time for the track to be released.
  8. It would be the best instrumental to remix with!!
  9. That's what i thought as well Reminded me of old Syn Gates.
  10. I thought we already knew that o_O
  11. I think i saw angel wings. awesome vid.
  12. Thanks dude. There is this one sample i would like to know, its in the very beginning when mike freestyled. its pretty awesome.
  13. What did FM sample Please respond (Sorry if it was the wrong place to put the thread)
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