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Fort Minor return on Conan June 22


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After months of speculation, Fort Minor's return has been confirmed! Mike has created Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for FM and even taken over a fan's YouTube to become the "new, official FM channel." Yesterday, Mike liked our LPLive Facebook status from the Fort Minor account as well.

On June 22nd, Fort Minor will perform on Conan O'Brien. For those of you in California, tickets can be obtained here. Conan's website says, "We love Fort Minor so much, we started a tribute band in their honor called Underage Citadel. We don't want to brag, but we're pretty terrible." The show is right in the middle of the current Linkin Park "tour", coming one day before their show in Mexico City.


This will be the first FM performance since Summer Sonic 2006; you can view our Fort Minor tour page here. While Fort Minor has played other TV shows before, this will be their first appearance on Conan.

Many questions now arise, such as "what will they perform?" or "what will the lineup be for FM?" and sadly, none of those questions can be answered until the performance takes place. We don't know if Mike, Ryu, Tak, Cheapshot, and more will be on stage, if it's just Mike by himself, or if it's an all new lineup. Don't be surprised, though, if we get some new music!


EDIT: Fort Minor has posted their first picture to Instagram. Mike has also joined in on the hype.




EDIT 6/21: Fort Minor changed their social media accounts' avatars and posted an audio clip on Twitter! Is it a new song?


EDIT 6/21 #2: New art has surfaced!






Single art?



Who's excited?

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I hope Mike's rapping on this new Fort Minor material is better than what he's been doing with LP lately. If it's on the same level, then I'm more than likely going to be disappointed from a vocal stand point. I'm sure the instrumentals will be great, though.

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