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  1. Just an update... I took some time and re organized my website. 1108 items left for sale (in white font) 128 items SOLD (in red font) bpercy.weebly.com Thanks Here is an example of the "previous bands" section and how it looks Previous Bands - Percy's Linkin Park Library (weebly.com)
  2. Just an update! Just sold my 90th item today! Here is an updated list of what has been sold. Thanks to everyone who has paid with the "family and friends" feature on paypal. Still 1100 items for sale! LMAO! https://bpercy.weebly.com/
  3. Nothing to do with me getting married. I have a lot of space. If I am being honest I lost passion after 17 years of checking eBay everyday. The last 4-5 years have been bad in terms of finding things because i essentially have everything. I never once traded in 17 years. Other collectors would rarely ever part with their stuff or trade so the hobby became non existent. I have an incredible amount of stuff. I will be most likely keeping my plaques and will always have them on my walls. Michalangelo is a beast. I love that guy. I may frame my LPcatalog t shirt with my wel
  4. If you haven't heard by now. My massive collection is for sale. I've only sold about 30 items so far out of the 1200. So 98% of it is still up for grabs. It's a big list. I'm in no rush to sell. It's a big list to go through. Larger orders do get priority. Thanks! BP COLLECTION : bpercy.weebly.com CONTACT : brennan_percy@hotmail.com
  5. I/Mike should have posted this on LPC last week when we knew about it... we were too busy with memorials page....
  6. If anyone wants to bump us in line for the presale. Here's my presale redeem link... lnkn.pk/2pxrL7E
  7. https://youtu.be/EWqWVt_Slpk Video 5 for one more emoji
  8. Well if anyone has questioned spending lots of money on Linkin park or not. I believe it's me. Lol. In terms of collecting that is. I'm sure hahninator has spent a lot on trips to see lp live millions of times. And there's others that have seen them live more than mark. But whenever I think long and hard about it. I always come back thinking I can always make more money. You can't guarantee you will see a certain collectors item again. Simple thinking I know. But a nirvana collector told me that and she paid like $6000 for a nirvana pennyroyal tea uk vinyl where originally only a hund
  9. The original ep is very rare. Only about a 1000 were ever made according to the script in the reissue. A large portion of those 1000 were tossed by radio people and promoters, etc. It's been theorized that maybe only a couple hundred are actually in circulation. Since 2003. I've seen about 8-9 of them on eBay. The cheapest one sold for about $350 usd. The most expensive was $1100. In 2005-2008 about 4 sold between $600 and $800. I've owned three of them. I only have one left that is in retarded mint shape in my safe. . I have more Intel on them but I'll write a post on lpc one day.
  10. In my opinion this is the rarest cd for a linkin park collector to get... it took me over a decade to get it.. Thats way more time than my xero tape or original 1999 ep combined... HT demo cd 9 tracks I wanted to trade it for something i dont have... but no collectors wanted to trade..pity... -BP
  11. Not sure if every track .. but definitely Points for Reanimations PTS... i was talking with Mark and maybe Runaway was going to be a single on Reanimation, but PTS beat it out??
  12. Hey guys.. I finally got my hands on the Runaway multi-track cdrs from 2001.. i have two versions i will have to rip with different tracks. One cd i know has more drum tracks from Rob Bourdon... Runaway Parts (Multitracks) 09.05.01 21 tracks (Disc 1 of 2) [1] [2] [3] Runaway Parts (Multitracks) 09.05.01 21 tracks (Disc 2 of 2) [1] [2] [3] Runaway Parts (Multitracks) 09.18.01 22 tracks (Disc 1 of 2) [1] [2] Runaway Parts (Multitracks) 09.18.01 18 tracks (Disc 2 of 2) [1] [2] I've been looking for the OSC multi track cdr.. if anyone knows who owns it or any info that co
  13. No one answered my question.. who owns the gas station vinyl???
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