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"The Mall" - 4 songs performed by Linkin Park


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Joe Hahn's "The Mall" movie has already been released in France and as you guys know, there will be songs from Linkin Park (technically just Mike, Chester, Joe, and Phoenix) and Alec Puro of Deadsy. LPA managed to dissect the movie and get the clips out - kudos for being so fast! There will be 4 songs from the movie which are:


1. "Warm Spell" (from "LIVING THINGS" recording sessions)

2. "Luna" (one of the Dell's "LP Stagelight" sample names)

3. "Ammosick" (from the "MInutes to Midnight" sessions but was worked on for "A Thousand Suns" session)

4. "White Noise" (possibly a "LIVING THINGS" demo)


10/17/2014 EDIT: White Noise has been released! Free download here.



Here's the full song credits: http://i.imgur.com/6zxPs8O.jpg


And here are the song clips from the movie:


"Extended Opening Credits Song" (Note: If you remember the "TERRIFIED" lyrics from the video of "The Hunting Party" trailer, this is the song!)


"Third Act"


"Trailer Music Feature"


"Extended Closing Credits Song"


Source: Drapebar of LPAssociation

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What if the new album sounded like these songs? would you prefer them?

For now it doesn't sound as cheap as the LT stuff was. All I can tell is that I wouldn't prefer these new sounds to the THP album, since I'm pretty sure that it won't be the same case as it was for LT.

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Wow, this feels like it came out of nowhere. Has the band even mentioned the film being released at all?


Joe said it would be released in the fall.


I do feel like this is the direction they would have gone in. I would have liked it a lot, yes, but not as much as THP. I like the loud, crazy music. But this sounds like that softer/more mainstream indie-popular type of music they were making earlier in the THP sessions in my opinion (just based on what the band has said about those songs). I like these clips a lot - I can't wait to hear the full songs. The last song with Mike singing sounds amazing.


Holy Fiore troll with the lyrics for the first song appearing in the LP THP promo video! Maybe that song was a THP candidate.

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Warm Spell is from the LT sessions.




Ammosick originates from the MTM era and was worked on the ATS era too. I can't find the tracking board from the MTM making of with Ammosick (which is also written as Amnesick maybe there)




Lastly Luna is from the ATS sessions, it was included in the StageLight samples pack.

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You've been taking it all this time

You left my trust on the firing line

As the promises break

And all the mistakes

Giving you what was mine

Your words are clear but their meaning's gone

The notes are right but the tuning's wrong

And when you tell me again that

I should give in

I can only take it so long

A%#&! / You're terrified, terrified

You'd rather throw it all away, all away, all

Away / You're terrified, terrified

You'd rather throw it all away

Fear is dancing inside your lies

Exposing secrets that you've disguised

And I'm biting my tongue

As you become

Victim of a compromise

'Cause I know who you really are

Not scratch where you can take a scar

And it's time that you seek

The truth without me

I can only get you so far

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Now that was unexpected but i really like the first one. Dont know why but the rest stil sounds unfinished to me anyway i feel about this like an LPU demo cd out of nowhere so its awesome cant wait for the full versions!!!

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