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    Dead by sunrise berlin 2009, Linkin park Berlin 2010, Linkin park Telekom streetgigs Berlin 2012

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    Well my interests are music and video producing, around 2006 i became a huge Linkin Park fan and also for the first time ever interested in music in general. Since then they changed a lot in my life because I started playing Piano, Guitar, Drums and Bass. Recently I also started singing and doing vocal stuff. Linkin park was a big inspiration to me while I had a really bad downtime in my life but since I got music in my life I never feld bad again :D
    Im now doing my own musicproject called Rising Time here www.youtube.com/RisingtimeMusik
  1. So nice to have that concert as audio already and cant wait for the 4K thing thank you ..... The croud was insane from the beginning of gats trough the whole show there was such a big moshpit and also most of the other people in the croud where with much energy into it ^^ awesome night
  2. Going to be there but as far as I read the whole mike and joe are going to be there is cancelled but I want my LPU CD anyway so im there at 12 and when members of LP are there its even better but I dont expect that
  3. Im going to the Berlin show so I hope there will be some setlist changes like war played live and apfmh back in the set maybe even forgotten or by myself even if that seems a bit unrealistic. I would also like to have the victimized/qwerty medley back also I hope to see dirt of your shoulder/lying from you. We´ll see what the tour brings
  4. UUUUUhm I don´t like the Video but well its nice to see Linkin Park giving support to charity stuff where they can.
  5. White Noise is pretty cool I guess but sounds a bit empty, nothing special is going on "behind the track" I hope thats understandeable.... Also why are final m and uig getting called not good tracks?
  6. hmmmm I would take another germany tour any time more chances to see them also if they would stay longer touring again it gives them the chance to play different songs.... still waiting for forgotten or by myself to return to the set stil crossing my fingers for berlin this november going to be there
  7. Well I liked the Songs on LT even Lies Greed Misery is a song I enjoy and even loved it live but the Album as a whole was there worst because they just put 12 random songs on it and said there done.... well at least thats my opinion on it
  8. Was a really great thing to watch. Leared a lot about the Band I didn´t know before.... Downside for me was that they totally skipped LIVING THINGS and went straight to The hunting party but meh they probably skipped because of the time limit
  9. Now that was unexpected but i really like the first one. Dont know why but the rest stil sounds unfinished to me anyway i feel about this like an LPU demo cd out of nowhere so its awesome cant wait for the full versions!!!
  10. very exited for this show so far and really sad that i cant be there but well cant have anything in life^^. the only two songs on this set that are bad in my eyes are burn it down and numb even if the numb/encore part they are playing live at the moment change that a lot to me. anyway i think that songs like numb, burn it down, the ballad medley and many more are going to be dropped soon since i feel like the band is getting tired of these songs and also hope that they get the taste of songs like forgotten and by myself again since they didnt play them for a very long time and is so want to see these songs here in berlin live
  11. Wow now I really love the WTCFM part on mikes medley.... also I haven´t seen someone asking this but insnt the synth part in the until its gone opening with no more sorrow over it from the new divide moscow intro? oh and by the way I m new here hello everybody
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