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Sonisphere: Linkin Park & More Bands Announced


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The official Sonisphere website has added Linkin Park to play the rest of the Sonisphere shows. It seems that the website was updated with no major announcement, adding Linkin Park to all of the shows. Nothing is confirmed yet...all of the countries are showing the same "lineup", so wait for an official announcement in case the website has an error.


And then this article here says that Muse, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden and Foo Fighters are confirmed for the Sonisphere UK leg.


"The head banging crowd pullers will perform in August at the grounds of Knebworth House, which has played host to veterans such as Led Zeppelin and other performers including Queen, Oasis and Robbie Williams.


"We’re starting an entirely new brand, with one of the biggest rock bands in the world," the Telegraph quoted Stuart Galbraith, the series producer, as telling The Times.


"We’ve seen increasing levels of complaints from fans that rock festivals are too diluted, with four or five stages going on at the same time when you can only ever watch one.


"We’re focusing on having 12 to 14 acts of massive quality. There’s no point in going to a festival with a load of bands there, but most of them are rubbish," he added.


Other bands confirmed to be feature in the "broad church" of rock music on a single stage included Linkin Park, Guns N’Roses, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, and Muse."


Wow! These legendary bands possibly opening for Linkin Park? Awesome!

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the site had several probs in the last days, resulting that the pics are wrong (Blackchester thinks)


but i am pretty sure the pics aren´t wrong, though the line up list hasn´t LP included, yet

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Those bands are really going to open for LP? If so, I bet we will see a lot of hate from fans of those bands.

I think so, too...that wouldn't be nice... <_<


But the news is awesome...I'm very excited about it...bad that I can't go to Hockenheimring in Germany -.-"

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Well, I am an Iron Maiden fan, so I know a little about their touring plans at the moment.


They are currently headlining their own world tour called ''Somewhere Back In Time'' and it's one of the biggest rock tours in the world. They are one of the most succesfull heavy metal bands of all time without mainstream support.


I SERIOUSILY doubt that they will open for an American alternative rock band like Linkin Park. It's more likely that Linkin Park will open for Maiden.



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The POint is LP is abigger band (today) than IM whatever you may think so I think that if IM plays in Knebworth they will open LP

I guess you didn't get me. They're HEADLINING their biggest tour since the 80's, they have been touring the entire 08 and they will tour the spring 09. Why would they open for another band when their popularity is bigger than ever?

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Because they are. Linkin Park has been announced to headline day one and Metallica is headlining day two. Whatever day they are playing, they are opening for one of these two bands. Same for Guns N Roses. If Iron Maiden and GNR are on day 1, they open for LP - if they are on day 2 they open for Metallica. Case closed - that's how it's going to be. LP is headlining an entire day of the UK Sonisphere shows.


This means Foo, GNR and/or Iron Maiden are going to open for them.

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This is strange.


I'm a member of a Maiden forum (not very different from this one), and we always discuss current events and tours, and I didn't hear about these shows there at all.


According to the band themselves, they will finish the Somewhere Back In Time tour and then write a new studio album, set to be released late 2009 or early 2010.


Maybe it's true, maybe not. But I'm waiting for an official announcement on their official website before starting to hope...


BUT, if it is true. Then it would truly be awesome! My favourite bands of all time!!! :lol:

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sonisphere uk anouncment news check out http://www.sonispherefestivals.com/uk its says


27.01.09 Report back here at 9am >>

Prepare yourself for the 2nd wave of bands to be announced for the very first Sonisphere Festival.

Come back here at 9am on Monday 23rd February to see what we have to tell you. We just told our Twitter friends about the announcement timing and there was a definite theme to their reactions as you can see:


Awesome news!

Awesome can't wait!

News news news. Tell us NOW...

awesome... hints?


Cannot Wait



We think this makes it officially awesome.


Awesome, see you in the morning!


Team Sonisphere.

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