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    10.06.2008 Vilnius, Lithuania, Siemens Arena

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  1. :DDD LP would better disband
  2. Really looking forward to hear Vilnius '08
  3. Most of all i hate Pooch's mixing.. Nothing against his work live, but he does really bad job at mixing. More things that I hate about LP: - The years between the albums. - Not talking at live shows.. Since 2008 they don't talk at live shows at all. - Boring work from Phoenix.. Ah, come on, we know you can play better, Phi. I also hate that they went commercial.. Wait.. They always were been commercial, but man.. I hate soft pop-rock type songs. Ah, but that's only my opinion.. Actually I hate when the bands change their style drastically.. Like LP, Metallica and etc... Now that's pretty controversial
  4. Studio version is great. It's much better than acoustic version.. It sucked (and also I don't like acoustic performances).. It has.. hmm.. "Grey Daze like" vibe (something that I really wanted from this album)..
  5. Condemned.. Or Crawl Back In.. Or Let Down. But I'll vote for Crawl Back In.
  6. Not bad, not bad... But I don't like the vocals.. He did much better job on vocals with LP..
  7. Sound mixed very good on New Divide / Crawl Back In. I love it. Not looking that I hate New Divide, this performance rocks.
  8. Oh. If whole album gonna sound like this, this will be muuuuch better than new LP... And solo in this song is totally better than anything Brad done ;D Taking about rips... Heh... It's easy - few clicks with Audacity and you have the song...
  9. This song kicks ass! Heh. It'd be cool if it was LP song
  10. Fucking Collision... Looks like he won't tell anything xDD So we don't have any setlist reporters...
  11. LPL member Collision is going. He said he will report setlist me in real time.
  12. I don't like Dead By Sunrise... But Crawl Back In sounds not bad. Solo sounds better than anything that Brad done.
  13. This show is KILLER o.O Rly great setlist. Can't wait to see more videos.
  14. Guys... HOW MANY TIMES LPL should repeat that SETLIST WON'T CHANGE?
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