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  1. Minor correction: It won't be the entire album, just a selection of songs. It's available to Pre-order digitally and on Vinyl on their record company's website. Grey Daze - Amends...Stripped (Digital EP) – Loma Vista Recordings
  2. True. He's practically speaking the lyrics. His voice sounds almost exactly like mine and I have no singing ability whatsoever. XD
  3. I can hear him, but barely. Listen to the chorus and you'll faintly hear someone sounding like they're just speaking the chorus, not actually singing. I had to equalize the hell out of the track for it to be audible. The only thing I can think of is whoever mixed it (horribly, I might add) had his and Chester's chorus vocals together.
  4. Jaime sings the lower vocals in the chorus. you have to listen VERY closely to hear him. Saddening they made his vocals so low in the mix.
  5. They also kept mentioning a Walmart variation of the CD, but I haven't noticed any sort of proof from Walmart, though.
  6. Got the codes n downloaded the show. Very neat! *Listening to No More Sorrow*
  7. I think there's only going ot be a few songs played, I just checked the schedule and noticed it only has a thirty minute spot. Edit: I looked again and it's reads "Transformers: Dark of the Moon Special, with Cast interviews, film clips and red carpet highlights"
  8. damn, it says File Not found
  9. So you guys are gonna post Julien-K tour dates without mentioning the name of the album they're touring for? It's not like Ryan and Amir have been posting album updates for "We're Here With You" like crzy on twitter. w/e
  10. At the same time, there could be no heavily noticable changes, but if it happens, all we can do is sit back and see what happens.
  11. Perhaps Mike meant additions to the actual music track, not stems. I could be wrong though as I'm just aware of the blog post by Mike in the first place. Sorry I've been away for a long time, a lot of personal issues, but I'm back and feeling a lot better.
  12. I love the way the CD and DVD look in this version. I have the CD/DVD version where you have to look at both discs in the light, a certain wayin order to read the damn thing
  13. if you guys go to Jay's facebook page http://facebook.com/jaygordonmusic he does mention that he owns the name Orgy and licensed the name to the others when they began as a band, and that he sent them a letter stating that he was terminating their partnership, in essense he's taking then name back solely for himself. He does mention that he Amir and Ryan were in fact talking about a tour this past summer, but things didn't come to fruition. An interesting note is if you guys take a look at the comments to Jay's post, amir has something to say about Jay doing another cover of blue monday with other musicians. Sounds like a nasty back and fourth may come from them two as Amir says he isn't a side musician to anyone.
  14. A few setback won't change the fact that we'll all be happy when we have the songs blaring in our headphones. Until then......................."Stay Thirsty My Friends"
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