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  1. It seems like Joe has stopped using touchscreen MIDI controllers for the (short) North American tour, replacing the Lemur/iPad with a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 with a Custom Kit Dragon Red. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TM_-iOMlaE(7:44)
  2. Well, I don't think he would follow a fake Fort Minor account with his own Mike Shinoda account.
  3. Just use software. Does your DAW have an Auto Filter? If that's the case, put one on your guitar's audio track in your DAW. In the case of GATS, use a lowpass filter and automate the frequency so you get the sweep effect while you're playing. If you don't have an Auto Filter, use a normal equalizer in lowpass mode and automate the frequency of one of the EQ's nodes.
  4. I've asked Rob about it during the Bremen Meet&Greet. He said "yeah we have the footage, maybe we could release it". So basically, it's not gonna happen.
  5. Great show, especially Mike had tons of energy. At the Meet&Greet I requested something different for Mike's medley and suggested a Fort Minor song other than Remember the Name. It ended up being High Voltage which was a great surprise! Also, Joe probably had a cold or something, he didn't do any backup vocals tonight. And no Austin on Faint.
  6. On the top of my head, he also uses it for Blackout (the vocal samples in the beginning), Runaway, Wastelands (the synth part during the quiet bridge) and New Divide (for synth bass during the bridge and outro). Brad might also use it on Waiting for the End, I'm not sure. Do you know what songs he uses the iPads on exactly? I think I saw him using them on Castle of Glass during the buildup to the drop but apart from that, no idea.
  7. It's just a computer mouse, a Kensington Expert Mouse to be exact. http://www.kensington.com/us/us/4493/K64325RR/expert-mouse%C2%AE#.U8_HLvl_tI4 He probably uses it to control Ableton.
  8. Really interesting (and actually quite risky) that Ableton controls everything now. They probably don't have one Ableton project for everything but rather one for each "act" I guess. I've finally found out what Mike's drum pads are for (at least one of them)! As you can see on ~1:14:05 in the following video, Mike triggers the New Divide synth bass sample during the Until it's Gone/No More Sorrow/New Divide mashup intro. Has he always done it like this? I think I remember him using the Maschine for that part? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLB0aIGS0zE#t=4866 I think you're
  9. So... a new touring era has begun! I figured I'd just continue in this topic. Obviously, Rob seems to have a double bass pedal to play Guilty All The Same. A picture of his current drum kit would be interesting. http://instagram.com/p/oaE-VFuVWa/ Mike changed his setup almost completely. Instead of his Open Labs Neko XXL he uses a Nord keyboard and a Native Instruments Maschine now. The Nord keyboard that can be seen in the recording / rehearsal pictures on Facebook is a Nord Stage 2 - I assume that's the one he is using for the shows as well. (https://www.facebook.com/linkinPark/phot
  10. Great release. Would've loved it if we had one completely new finished song (like ATL, WWDK, Slip etc.) but whatever. The Until It Breaks demos were really cool. I don't think so. It's structured more like a normal full Linkin Park song (verse, chorus, bridge etc.) but the year 2007 is quite unusual for that kind of instrumental demo. The other two songs from 2007 that we have were finished songs. I think that Basquiat was actually a finished song with vocals (maybe under a different title though) that was supposed to be released on MTM, but What I've Done took its place because Warner d
  11. Great EP, I love it. Chester sounds awesome; also, great bass guitar parts. Now I'm hoping for European STPWCB dates!
  12. Wow, great transcript. Very interesting piece of LP history! Thanks!
  13. Yes, Church appearing in the background of the interview was really random. I did ask Ryan about Church back in Hamburg in 2011, and he replied that "Church isn't around anymore" (or something like that) and didn't want to go into details. I think Church used to be "director of tour" or something for Orgy back in the days so he's probably known Amir & Ryan longer than Chester. We'll probably never know what happened between those guys.
  14. Well, DBS also had Elias and Brandon (who are probably better singers than Joe, Brad or Phoenix). They just never bothered to sing backup vocals during the DBS shows.
  15. -Stuttgart 2009: Mike rapping RME over the POA outro, I freaked out and people were staring at me, apparently i was the only one in that part of the venue to recognize the song haha -Hamburg 2010: during the BIO bridge, Chester started singing the APFMH bridge after Mike did his verse, that was a real surprise and it was probably my personal Linkin Park live highlight