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  1. This is a rough setlist... I wasn't there just to see Linkin Park and I had to move due to a very annoying and wild crowd in the front. Maybe you guys can recognize this and fill out the rest. 70% sure about this order, but don't take my word for it Papercut Lying From You Wretches and Kings What I've Done No More Sorrow New Divide Waiting For the End (a clear highlight!) In the End Faint Bleed it Out (first verse of a Place for My Head and the ''Go away'' part after that) One Step Closer unsure about order... I have no idea when these songs came - Iridiscent - The Catalyst - Breaking the Habit
  2. Well, if I were to show someone what hard rock sounds like, I would show them AC/DC
  3. Well, I'm also an earlier fan who just keeps up with news on this site. I think everyone should be allowed to critisize Linkin Park if they want to, although I don't see the point of doing it in an offensive manner on a fansite... I can sort of smell a troll.
  4. I just hope that they continue the raw vocal style of ''Minutes to Midnight''. On ''Hybrid Theory'' and ''Meteora'', Mike sometimes sounded like a robot, but on ''Minutes...'' he sounded just like he does live, and I prefer it that way. I also hope for some dark/reflective songs (like ''Little Things...'') and some hard and bombastic (No More Sorrow - ish) without adding a radio-ass-kissing song like ''Leave Out All the Rest''. ''Hybrid Theory'' and ''Meteora'' are good albums, and HT is a classic, but they're not masterpieces by any means. At least that's my opinion, so let's just wait and see
  5. I'm not a LPU member anymore, but from what I can gather I'm not missing much... Cheers! Just one thing though: why do they release ''exclusive'' things from Chester on LPU? Did Mike ever release something Fort Minor releated on LPU?
  6. This is strange. I'm a member of a Maiden forum (not very different from this one), and we always discuss current events and tours, and I didn't hear about these shows there at all. According to the band themselves, they will finish the Somewhere Back In Time tour and then write a new studio album, set to be released late 2009 or early 2010. Maybe it's true, maybe not. But I'm waiting for an official announcement on their official website before starting to hope... BUT, if it is true. Then it would truly be awesome! My favourite bands of all time!!!
  7. I guess you didn't get me. They're HEADLINING their biggest tour since the 80's, they have been touring the entire 08 and they will tour the spring 09. Why would they open for another band when their popularity is bigger than ever?
  8. Well, I am an Iron Maiden fan, so I know a little about their touring plans at the moment. They are currently headlining their own world tour called ''Somewhere Back In Time'' and it's one of the biggest rock tours in the world. They are one of the most succesfull heavy metal bands of all time without mainstream support. I SERIOUSILY doubt that they will open for an American alternative rock band like Linkin Park. It's more likely that Linkin Park will open for Maiden. UP THE IRONS!
  9. It would be cool if they had a small orchestra on some of the songs that use strings, like Breaking The Habit etc, to create a fuller sound than Mike can do on this keys. Anyway, I hope LP take a small visit in to maybe Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland. I missed them last year when they went to both Denmark and Sweden:(
  10. What do you mean by ''lame''? I would like Linkin Park to do something really experimental, like TLTGYA-ish, only longer. They should try to write a 10min epic track. THAT would have been awesome! And not write short, radio-friendly, mainstream, made-to-be singles (Leave Out All the Rest).
  11. It's hard to come up with reasonable predictions with just that quote, but it's interesting to specualte. If the album has a strong concept with a definitive storyline throughout the album, then maybe they will have a book of paintings or a graphic novel of some sort that illustrates the concept as well. On a side note, I always thought Minutes To Midnight was gonig to be a concept, but it didn't turn out that way. What I've Done, Hands Held High, No More Sorrows and The Little Things Give You Away are the only song that could fit a ''concept''. But even these can be interpeted in a million different ways....
  12. Nice sound, very atmospheric! I tried to imagine vocals on top, but I really can't. This would sound nice as a small interlude for an album, but who knows?
  13. I didn't buy the ''super fan pack'', and I'm not bying this one. The content is pretty much the same you will get when you buy the regular CD. I ususally don't care so much for ''Collector's Edidtion'', unless they contain some rear tracks, or I really love CD. So I don't really see the point... I also have to agree with the posts above me. Why only US? Why announce it a year after it's innicial release? I guess it could make sense if you're a new fan. You'll get a basic introduction on their newest material, and see them perform most of them live plus a month on LPU.
  14. I guess I should consider myself lucky, because I had NO expectations. I luke Linkin Park purely for their music, and I don't really care if they release something as ''silly'' as this. I have to agree with Hahninator on one thing though: the rest of the m2m tracks. They said they had about 100-150 songs (in different stages) and they recorded something like 17 songs (I think). Then the question is: ''why would you first give us a live cd, then a 'joke' cd?''. Think about it.
  15. I thought this was a ''no flaming'' forum, atleast that's what I've been told... Back to the subject: I think it's a cool tracklisting. A nice mix of old and new gems, especially the new version of ''My December''. That one is really cool. Congrats to the band for the award, can't wait for the next one.
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